Fuel Cycle, the leader in online community, announced the results of Fuel Cycle Exchange, a first-of-its-kind market research engine that enables the modern researcher to integrate and employ all their vital research tools on a single solution. Since the launch of the partner program, Fuel Cycle Exchange has created more than $2 million dollars in revenue for integrated partners while enabling clients to access word-class research technologies from a unified market research engine.

Fuel Cycle Creates $2 Million in Revenue for Partners Who Integrate with FCX
Fuel Cycle Creates $2 Million in Revenue for Partners Who Integrate with FCX

Current clients have all benefited from integrating their Fuel Cycle Community with another tool on the Fuel Cycle Exchange, and 30% have more than two integrations. The aim is to create an ecosystem where research technologies can work homogenously to provide a hyper-personalized view of the customer without any hassle to the end user. This, in turn, accelerates the speed of insights while supporting businesses and researchers to adopt new methodologies and technologies with ease.

For any research solution looking to expand their reach, this partnership provides access to international industry leaders including Global 100 clients. Whether potential partners are in a stage of growth or an already established business, joining the Fuel Cycle Exchange promises to generate and promote visibility among key potential prospects. Current partners include Lucid, Voxpopme, SurveyGizmo, and UserZoom, to name a few. 

Christian Vanek, CEO of SurveyGizmo says of the partnership, “FCX has provided us with a meaningful revenue stream that continues to grow with access to Fuel Cycle’s Fortune 500 brands. Their genuine interest in partnership with other technology providers and clear vision for the future makes them an excellent partner.”

For any research solution looking to partner with Fuel Cycle, they provide a technical liaison that is there from inception to launch and have a ready and able product, sales, and marketing team to seamlessly and effortlessly promote and support the partnership in whatever capacity.  New partners are fully integrated typically in as little as 2-4 weeks—dependent on the partner’s readiness.

Rick Kelly, Fuel Cycle CPO, says, “Fuel Cycle’s mission is to help enterprises succeed in a world of increasing change. A crucial component in supporting that mission is to create a vibrant ecosystem of best-in-class technology solutions that enable insights professionals to conduct research to serve every business need. We’re proud to be associated with all our partners and will continue to be the best platform in the market to integrate with.”

About Fuel Cycle:

Fuel Cycle is the leading research engine that combines both qualitative and quantitative data to power real-time business decisions. Through online communities, product exchanges, panels, and more, Fuel Cycle offers an easily customizable and robust platform for brands to connect to their customers. With Fuel Cycle, organizations can quickly act upon reliable data to help predict the future of their industry. We provide customer intelligence solutions for organizations across various industries including retail, healthcare, financial services and more.