Brand Intelligence

Unveil Actionable Insights and Propel Your Brand's Evolution

Strengthen brand-customer connections and forge genuine, consistent relationships that stand the test of time.

Understand how customers are engaging with your brand

Current consumer behaviors are a strong barometer for measuring overall satisfaction, identifying existing pain points, and building engaging offers based on previous habits.

Maintaining a healthy customer base with Fuel Cycle’s MROCs will provide insight into overall brand loyalty, inform personalization opportunities, and support building the strongest audience profiles based on a combination of research and behavioral data.

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Continually maintain and support
the health of your brand

Understanding your brand’s health in the market is one of the strongest components in building resilience & relevance, maintaining trust with your audience, and informing future innovation. 

The Fuel Cycle Research Engine provides the framework for building a trusted feedback loop among customers to measure their brand loyalty, preferences & needs, and provide them with an outlet for giving feedback to your team.

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Track customer sentiment and satisfaction across all touch points

Digital channel growth and expansion means consumers have near-endless ways to engage with brands and maintaining engagement across all options is an imperative piece of maintaining overall brand health. 

Fuel Cycle’s platform and partner integrations provides a truly comprehensive view of your consumer base to enhance real-time issue resolution, prioritize differing digital strategies, and increase overall loyalty

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Understand how your brand performs versus competitors

Gathering insights on the competitive landscape should be a key long-term function for any brand to inform market positioning, selling strategy, and identifying opportunities for growth or innovation.

Benchmarking performance against competitors with Fuel Cycle – whether for marketing, brand health, product development, etc. – will help your brand stay ahead of market trends, build effective messaging, and identify opportunities to grow market share.

Formalize go-to-market and positioning

Test creative campaigns and elements

Test branding & logos

Test product claims

Test product packaging

Prioritize audience targets

Refine creative campaigns

Measure ad-driven brand lift

Bring new products & features to market

Measure share of wallet

Compare in-market performance [A/B]

Determine product market fit

Evaluate competitive performance

Support CX and track market performance

Track brand health

Measure brand perceptions

Understand shopping behavior

Uncover growth opportunities

Measure brand's effect on price

Measure product and customer satisfaction

Track customer experience

Measure conversion metrics

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insights communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.