Online market INSIGHTS Community Platform

A Fully Loaded and Comprehensive Market
Insights Community

Thriving and successful brands inspire action and cultivate ongoing and lasting connections with their core audiences.

Elevate your brand

Expand your market insights community and embrace growth

Enabling you to effectively engage with your most devoted audiences, facilitating swift and adaptable insights for acquisition, retention, and expansion. Through ongoing customer engagement and AI-powered analysis that yields actionable intelligence, you can empower your teams to accomplish more.

Ignite customer activation

Unlocking the power of valuable insights

Fuel Cycle offers an ideal solution for businesses seeking to actively engage with their customers and extract valuable insights through online market research communities

Our platform provides a secure, customizable environment with an array of features designed to facilitate unprecedented connections between brands and their key audiences.

Seamless connectivity

Embrace boundless connections, anytime, anywhere

Fuel Cycle’s mobile communities enable businesses to actively engage with customers across both mobile and desktop devices. Our platform offers a wide range of features including live focus groups, push notifications, SMS messaging, Insight Reels, and dedicated mobile apps.

This comprehensive approach is especially valuable for connecting with younger generations who are more inclined to use mobile devices as their primary means of communication, surpassing traditional methods.

Drive continuous engagement

Cultivating valuable insights from your panel members

Fuel Cycle offers robust panel management capabilities designed to assist businesses in building and overseeing their customer communities. 

Our comprehensive suite of services includes recruitment, onboarding, and engagement strategies, all aimed at cultivating an active community that consistently provides valuable insights.

Empower confident decision-making

Real-time insights unleashed

Fuel Cycle’s community analytics empower businesses with real-time insights into customer feedback and behavior. Paired with our generative AI solutions, your insights journey has never been faster nor more informed. 

With advanced features such as AI-generated executive summaries, sentiment analysis, trend analysis, and comprehensive metrics, our platform equips businesses with the necessary tools to make informed decisions based on valuable customer insights.

“We ran 16 studies in 2022, and I calculated it out – we ran a million dollars’ worth of research for about $120,000. So we got a huge, huge payoff for our investment in the community and it really allows me to help my stakeholders so much faster than if I were using a vendor.”
Director of Market Insights

Embark on a journey of inspiring success: Discover remarkable results from our customer's empowered by Fuel Cycle.

Discover firsthand accounts from our customers on how they leverage Fuel Cycle to drive data-driven decisions and maintain a competitive edge.

Uncover the transformative collaboration between Ulta Beauty and Fuel Cycle, revolutionizing their consumer insights process and empowering data-driven decision-making in the rapidly evolving beauty industry by leveraging a robust community approach.
Discover how Trusted Media Brands (TMB) overcame challenges such as declining response rates and limited access to consumers by leveraging Fuel Cycle’s Community that enabled them to engage with their target audience more frequently and efficiently.
Witness the remarkable journey of as they harnessed the power of Fuel Cycle’s online community platform to gather invaluable customer insights, enhance the patient experience, and cost-effectively introduce innovative new products

Enable actionable insights with Fuel Cycle's robust community platform.

Enhance your research capabilities with Fuel Cycle’s innovative range of tools designed to drive your business to new heights of success.

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Create customizable surveys with advanced logic and quota capabilities. Get real-time insights with dynamic dashboards.
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Quick Polls

Gather quick feedback on targeted topics with simple poll questions. Easily segment participants and share responses.
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Facilitate threaded discussions for rich feedback and insights. Export transcripts for sentiment analysis and attach surveys for deeper engagement.
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Live Chats

Interact with curated customers in real-time with text-based chat. Launch surveys and display collateral for feedback. Like, tag, and reply to individual comments.
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Diary Studies

Create longitudinal and ethnographic research with surveys, discussions, and albums. Maintain participant privacy or incentivize by milestones.
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Product Testing

Share wireframes and concepts for commenting and voting for persona-relevant design. Integrate with existing systems via API.

Multilingual Translation

Conduct research in over 100 languages all in one community. Test in international markets and track brand performance with ease.
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Validate research instantly with exclusive activities at designated locations. Get in-the-moment feedback with desired location confirmation.
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Member Generated

Discover current trends and interests with discussions created by members. Elevate exploration research with open forums.
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Video Focus Groups & Interviews

Schedule and join online IDIs and focus groups for rapid insights. Record and transcribe sessions for automated sentiment analysis.

Expand and enrich your market research community through enhanced capabilities.

Immerse yourself in the transformative power of recurring community-based activities, the driving force behind thriving research communities.

Experience firsthand how these activities form the heart of success within our platform.

Sustained Community Engagement
Enjoy continuous activities and compelling reasons for ongoing participation, keeping your community engaged and connected.

Comprehensive Audience Insight
Discover unique combinations and subgroups or segments, paving the way for targeted follow-up initiatives.

Precise Performance Tracking
Establish a baseline to effectively measure shifts in group or individual attitudes over time, ensuring data-driven decision-making.
Understand category behaviors, respondent sentiment, unmet needs, and targeting information for potential customers. ​
Understand how respondents view your category at large and the key brands within it.

Community Health

Check in on your community’s health, their experience with the technology and their community affinity. 
Using the Kano model, categorize features from must-haves and delighters to those with little impact.​
Measure how your UX stacks up against industry standards using the System Usability Scale. ​

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insights communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.