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Discover the power of known audiences & superior data quality with Fuel Cycle's insight community.

Powered by the market’s most advanced verification and profiling systems, insights gathered from your community ensures that your decision-making is based on accurate and actionable data, leading to more informed strategies and impactful outcomes. Combine research data with additional brand profiling points to take your customer engagement to new heights.

Building an insight community means peace of mind for your brand research with first-party data – sourcing insights from real customers and category users eager to share their thoughts. Less fieldwork time, cleaner data, and more confidence in outcomes – that’s the Fuel Cycle difference.

Why Fuel Cycle's Insight Community Platform?

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Foundation of the Fuel Cycle
insight community platform.

Ignite Action from Data

Seamlessly integrated with top business solutions, like a CRM or HRIS, turn insights into impactful action and share results with stakeholders.

Unlock Gold-standard Data Quality

By prioritizing first-party data from verified, engaged audiences, brand teams can minimize fieldwork, enhance data cleanliness, and boost confidence in outcomes.

Increase Organizational Agility

Tailored engagements, adaptable costs, and detailed audience profiles empower strategic growth across your brand not achievable with traditional recruitment and research methods.

Make Confident Decisions

Best-in-class user profiling dynamically updates and integrates member feedback & customer data, offering a backstage pass to your audience with endless possibilities for customized engagements.

The Fuel Cycle impact, by the numbers

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“Know Your Audience”

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“Scale Up Your Research”

Turn insights into impact & action with Fuel Cycle.

Your insight community goes far beyond collecting data.

It’s a way to seamlessly transform research into real-world impact. What sets us apart is not just gathering insights but turning them into action with powerful, secure integrations with best-in-class business solutions. Think marketing automation based on survey feedback, using existing customer data to understand survey results, and targeting strategies based on a mix of research and external data. It’s about making research work for you.

The Fuel Cycle insight community platform capabilities.


Create customizable surveys, including advanced logic and quota capabilities. Dive further with advanced analytics and get real-time insights with dynamic dashboards.

Discussion Boards

Facilitate threaded discussions for rich feedback and insights. Export transcripts and AI executive summaries for sentiment analysis and attach surveys for deeper engagement.

Quick Polls

Gather quick feedback on targeted topics with simple poll questions. Easily segment participants and share responses with community members for further engagement.

Live Chats

Interact with curated customers in real-time with AI-powered text-based chat. Launch surveys, display collateral for feedback, and engage with comments.

Diary Studies

Create longitudinal and ethnographic research with surveys, discussions, and albums. Maintain participant privacy or incentivize by milestones.

Multilingual Translations

Conduct research in over 100 languages all in one community. Test in international markets and track brand performance with ease.


Easily customize report structure, filter on priority segments, and share insights with key stakeholders via URL or by exporting to Excel and PowerPoint.

Video Focus Groups & Interviews

Schedule and join online IDIs and focus groups for rapid insights. Record and transcribe sessions for automated sentiment analysis.

Video Feedback

Capture video responses with discussion prompts, Insight Reels, and more! Gain a deeper understanding with minimal moderator lift.


Connect your community with vital business systems, like Salesforce, Marketo, etc. Automate workflows and target community members for future engagements.

Universal Connections

Leverage any additional research tool within your community. Integrate custom partner tools, send customers to high-value webpages or immediately follow-up on research, and more.

Progressive Profiling

Build automated and dynamic audience profiles by leveraging information provided by community members across time and multiple data sources, including vital customer engagement data.

Security & Privacy

Fuel Cycle holds the highest level of Data Security & Consumer Privacy certifications and policies, including:
SOC 2, Type II + HITRUST, GDPR, CCPA, and HIPAA compliance.

And more! Fuel Cycle can support custom research parameters, and is consistently innovating in the space with nearly 100 product releases per year.

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“I don’t know how we lived without Fuel Cycle. The breadth of research and value that you get out of online communities is unmatched. After a year, I went from a skeptic to a 100% evangelist for online communities.”

Troy Figgins
Head of Consumer Insights
King’s Hawaiian

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insight communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.