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A Fully Loaded Research Community

Successful brands maintain continuous connections with their prospects, customers, and product users. The Fuel Cycle Community is the ultimate customer panel platform for brands to identify and track market attitudes, behaviors, and preferences in real time. Traditional research methods simply can’t keep up.

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Grow your research community, grow your brand

Community-led growth is the key to acquisition, expansion, and retention. The strength of community unleashes your greatest competitive strategy yet with quick-turn, agile insights from an always-on hub of your most trusted audiences

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Land and expand your customer relationships

Combine progressive customer profiling with dynamic business intelligence to optimize experiences and grow your market share.

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Get answers to questions you didn’t even know to ask

Share key insights with your stakeholders through easy-to-navigate dashboards that show you exactly what’s happening, so you know what to do next.

Insights come from anywhere, so take community everywhere

Expand your reach, improve representation, and connect with customers with the only market research community with a dedicated mobile app.
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Access any audience, from anywhere, at any time

Recruit and engage even the most niche audiences. Get real-time research results that are always valid, reliable, and most importantly, valuable.

Maintain constant connection with key audiences

Capture ongoing feedback with surveys, discussions, diary studies, and live chats with an always-on hub built for constant customer engagement with FC Live.

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Your customers aren’t data points. Get to know them.

Our progressive profiling P2 Engine is fueled by more than traditional demographics. It’s a dynamic and fully customizable combination of all activity and profiling data. Now you can cluster your audiences with complex levels of logic so you can uncover patterns better than ever before. And since it automatically integrates into other systems of record, every team can function with a complete customer profile in mind.

Actionable Intelligence at Your Fingertips

Completely DIY and with world-class UI, Fuel Cycle Community eliminates frustrations and bottlenecks. With continuous customer engagement that delivers actionable intelligence, you can empower your teams to do more.

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Easily program basic to advanced question types, complex survey logic, and quotas​. Customize the look and feel of your surveys​. View results with dynamic dashboards in real-time.
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Quick Polls

Capture quick feedback on simple questions​. Target participants by segment and launch multiple polls at a time. Close the feedback loop by sharing back responses about the topic.
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Use threaded discussions to probe opinions and solicit rich feedback. Attach surveys for a multi-step research + engagement experience. Easily export transcripts for sentiment analysis.
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Live Chats

Interact with a curated group of customers in real-time with text-based chat. Launch in-chat surveys and display creative collateral for feedback. Like, tag, and reply to individual comments.
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Video Focus Groups & Interviews

Create and schedule online IDIs and focus groups in minutes​. Join from mobile, laptop, or desktop. Record and transcribe sessions for automated sentiment analysis​ and rapid insights.
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Diary Studies

Create a series of surveys, discussions, and albums for longitudinal and ethnographic research​. Maintain participant privacy or invite a dialogue. Incentivize by milestones to prevent fatigue.
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Product Testing

With Delta Testing, share wireframes and concepts for commenting, up-down voting, and value scoring for more persona-relevant design. Integrate seamlessly with existing systems via API.
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Member Generated Content

Keep a pulse on current trends and interest topics with discussions created by members for organic agile insights. Elevate your exploration research with open forum discovery.​
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Delight with exclusive activities at designated locations.​ Validate research instantly with automated desired location confirmation. Get on-location, in-the-moment feedback.

Multilingual Translation

Conduct research in over 100 languages all in one community. Test in international markets, track brand performance, and fulfill accessibility requirements.

Your Research Community Is Waiting For You

Interested in learning more about what a targeted customer panel can do for your customer relationships and brand growth? Let’s talk.