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Proliferated digital channels have shaped the way that audiences consume media

Digital advertising has continued to grow monumentality, and traditional media is consistently having to reinvent new ways of reaching audiences. The Entertainment industry is permanently changed by technology, and empowered audience members who have a choice of when, how, and where they would like to consume media.      

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The birth of social media and digital channels have completely shaped the way that audiences consume media. TV and traditional media, that once held audience’s captive, now must make room for online streaming and video sharing channels that hold a high-degree of influence over consumers. From robust media and ad testing tools to agile content research, the Media & Entertainment Industry needs to scale their research and aggregate a consistent stream of customer feedback into an actionable decision-making process.

The Problem

The wave of new media that is consistently created and published has fundamentally changed the Media and Entertainment Industry, and there is no clear single strategy to overcome these challenges. To succeed in this new media landscape, businesses must maintain a research plan that allows for instant access to audiences and customers to inform production cycles and services.   

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Digital Channels

  • Consumers are more more likely to watch ads online over digital media
  • Split audience viewership with proliferated digital channels
  • Mobile viewership continues to rise
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Audiences & Consumers

  • User-generated content holds a lot of sway with customers
  • The empowered audience now decides when, where, and how they consume content
  • High-expectation on quality content
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  • Consumers expect the most-relevant and personalized advertisements 
  • Ad blockers have created a better barrier for brands to expand their reach
  • Advertisers are increasingly looking for the transparent value of their ads on digital channels

The Fuel Cycle Solution

The Fuel Cycle Research Cloud provides a way for the Media and Entertainment Industry to fuse the best technologies and solutions to help navigate the market. Fuel Cycle is on a mission to end the one-off episodic research projects and replacing them with in-the-moment and precise customer data. This is accomplished through online communities, panels, and custom research solutions catered to fit the needs of the Media and Entertainment industry.

Conduct surveys to gather receptivity on ad campaigns and understand the general audience appeal of your advertising partners.

Use one of the FCX partner integrations, such as Pilotly to quickly and iteratively gather audience feedback and create a unique viewing experience.  

Create detailed segments to discover how your content lands with even the most granular viewer demographics and test which platforms have the most appeal.

While Nielsen ratings can provide overarching viewership knowledge, Fuel Cycle can aggregate even the most minute audience likes and dislikes of your shows and ads.

Use a mix of qualitative and quantitative research methods to map a clear understanding of the customer’s experience.


The Fuel Cycle Research Solution empowers the Media and Entertainment Industry to conduct various research studies at the drop of a hat. These methodologies detailed below have best served Fuel Cycle’s Media and Entertainment clients—each study can be launched within a matter of minutes, and clients can receive same day results to inform vital business decisions.  

Brands need an accurate way to engage with their target market and test audience perception.

  • Pre to post-interest life
  • Copy testing
  • Heat mapping
  • Monadic testing
  • Storyboard testing

Brand loyalty is the biggest determining factor of a company’s long-term success. Brands need a reliable way to measure and understand changes in brand affinity over time.

  • Rewards offering
  • Product reviews
  • Loyalty customer connections
  • Social promotions

Brands need to reliably measure the potential viability of products and concepts, as well as test their market potential before investing in development efforts.

  • Monadic testing
  • Reaction testing
  • Adoption testing
  • Migration testing
  • Segmentation analysis

Brands need a reliable way to measure and understand changes in brand perception over time, as well as how they compare to competitors.

  • Brand funnel
  • Brand personality testing
  • Competitive benchmarking
  • Real-time feedback from engaged customers

Brands need access to the most sophisticated tools to gauge and enhance the user experience. 

  • Card sorts
  • User tasks
  • User funnel
  • Heatmaps
  • Tree testing
  • Competitive benchmarks

Brands need a high degree confidence that the marketing content they are creating will resonate with their customers.

  • Highlighting
  • Hot spotting
  • Dial testing
  • Monadic testing
  • Purchase evaluation
  • Ad testing


Fuel Cycle in Action

Fuel Cycle has various clients in the Media & Entertainment Industry who have gained a competitive advantage from using the Fuel Cycle platform for their research needs. This case study demonstrates a facet of their research capabilities and highlights how Media and Entertainment Conglomerates use their customer intelligence to dominate the market.

the business problem

A major broadcast media conglomerate wanted to gauge respondents’ opinions and engagement with brand-sponsored ads during one of their major award shows. The ads were analyzed using facial coding to provide additional emotional analysis by gathering data on the audience’s micro-expressions.

A live chat was conducted where participants discussed the show and ads based on their awareness, opinions, and likelihood to take-action, and sponsorship fit.

Afterward, Affectiva, one of the Fuel Cycle Exchange partners, was used to analyze the participant’s facial expressions while viewing spots that had run during the award show. The results were used to provide richer insights into ad effectiveness.

By using Fuel Cycle and Affectiva together, the results from the study had far more impact for the Media Conglomerate’s Partners and increased both the value added to the partnership and client retention.

Fuel Cycle Exchange

Here are a few of our partners who provide richer insights catered specifically to your business needs:


Test your TV shows, films, and ad campaigns without having to spend excessive amounts of money and time.


Leverage the power of emotion recognition software to gather insight into the emotional appeal of your content.


Receive insight into customers’ unconscious behaviors by using a solution designed to capture system 1 thoughts.


Use the power of automated video analysis to gather nuanced and rich detail on your product and brand.