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Empowering brands to make informed and confident decisions for successful product launches, customer acquisition, and overall growth.

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Fuel Cycle accelerates decision intelligence for legendary brands. We achieve this by enabling organizations to capture, analyze, and act on insights required to launch new products, acquire customers, and gain market share. 

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading market research communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.



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The values we live by

Fuel Cycle’s mission is to accelerate decision intelligence for legendary brands.

We build technology that enables decision-makers to maintain constant connections with their customers, prospects, and users to uncover real-world actionable intelligence and insights.

By integrating human insight with critical business data, and through automated quantitative and qualitative research solutions, the Fuel Cycle Research Engine powers product innovation, brand evolution, and enhanced user experience.  

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Customer obsessed
Our customers are the source of all value. We prioritize their needs ahead of anything else.
Extreme impact
We don’t do things just to do them. We do things to inspire brand evolution and progress.
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Team before self
We build Fuel Cycle together, no one person 
or group is responsible for overall success.
Endless curiosity
Our growth never ends. Our passion for discovery & learning is critical to development.

The industry leaders in market research

We’re honored to continually be recognized as industry leaders for our technology and culture. Our mission to accelerate decision intelligence is what drives our passion and inspires us to keep innovating for our customers, and our employees. 

The team behind the brand

Meet the faces of the leadership team

Eran Gilad

President & CEO

Arnaud Gregori

Arnaud Gregori

Chief Financial Officer

Rick Kelly

Rick Kelly

Chief Strategy Officer

Polly Speros

Polly Speros

Chief Customer Officer

Jonathan Tice

Chief Revenue Officer

Mike Song

VP, Finance

Kevin Row

Kevin Row

VP, Research Science

Alireza Soukhakian

Ali Soukhakian

VP, Engineering

Brad Schechter

VP, Marketing

Matt MacKinnon

VP, Product

Lyndzi Phan

Head of People

Looking for your next opportunity?

There are companies that don’t take providing a healthy work-life balance seriously. That’s not how we live at Fuel Cycle.

We offer free food, health insurance, retirement benefits, recharge days-the list goes on and on. Whatever it is you need, we got you covered!