Revolutionize Healthcare with Insights & Intelligence to Improve Experiences

Deliver actionable insights and drive continuous improvement across the patient and member experience.

The healthcare industry continually faces pressures on all fronts.

Healthcare organizations are continually challenged with understanding their patient and member populations served in efforts of improving their overall health, patient and member satisfaction, as well as brand growth and sentiment. Capitalizing on these in an increasing competitive market, while facing budget cuts and staff shortages, improves operations and allows healthcare organizations to achieve more with less.

Empowering healthcare organizations with segmented data collection and analysis

Fuel Cycle empowers healthcare companies to meet their patient and member population where they are with confidence by providing a one-stop shop for segmented patient and HCP data collection and analysis.

Transforming healthcare insights and intelligence to enable confidence

Unlike alternative offerings, the Fuel Cycle Research Engine allows healthcare organizations to gather in-depth qualitative and quantitative feedback from a dedicated group of patients and members. And, conveniently, our platform integrates powerful data and insights tools with client’s existing platforms.

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Strengthen Your Brand with
Insights that Ignite Action

Foster meaningful connections and continuous research to build lasting trust with patients and members in healthcare’s ever-evolving competitive landscape.

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Gain a Competitive Edge
with Member & Patient Insights

Integrate actionable insights and intelligence into messaging, retention, and market sizing. Leverage these insights to inform and guide your healthcare business.


Improve Patient & Member Experience with Continuous UX Research

Leverage continuous feedback from advanced technology to build digital tools and drive innovation to meet industry demands with people-centric solutions.

Insights and intelligence
for health systems

  • Run wave-over-wave patient experience surveys
  • Understand health equity needs and concerns of patient 
    population through quant and qual research
  • Improve brand sentiment through community engagement
  • Directly engage with the populations you serve

Insights and intelligence
for health insurers

  • Maintain a close relationship with your members
  • Closely monitor brand sentiment
  • Understand the UX needs of your members
  • Understand economic and health needs of members
  • Supplement behavioral data with robust qualitative feedback

Driving actionable and qualitative insights for healthcare organizations.

See how, a digital, direct-to-patient healthcare organization, utilized its Fuel Cycle insight community to effectively gather and use qualitative insights to inform their decision-making and meet the needs of various stakeholders.

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insight communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.