Audience insights are a critical component of key brand initiatives such as a brand refresh. However, it’s essential for brands to ensure that their methods of gathering these insights are both efficient and effective to maximize their impact. 
During a brand refresh for Glassdoor, their research community proved to be indispensable when conducting research around key value propositions. Community offerings such as surveys, polls, discussion forums, and other feedback channels kept customer insights flowing in that informed decisions involving brand messaging and image. This ultimately helped Glassdoor understand how its audience perceives the brand and where the Glassdoor brand has permission to stretch as it expands its offerings in the marketplace. 
In this session, Rick Kelly, Chief Strategy Officer at Fuel Cycle, and Bonnie Chiurazzi, Director of Market Insights at Glassdoor, will delve into the critical role that community played in establishing the innovative and open approach to Glassdoor’s brand refresh that resonated with their customers. 
Key takeaways:  

  • Key community platform tools and features that can help brands understand customer needs, preferences, and behaviors.  
  • How Glassdoor captured insights to craft messaging and CTAs that resonate with their target audience and drive engagement.  
  • How community insights will power key decisions and fuel a successful brand refresh that will strengthen Glassdoor’s connection with its consumers