Qualitative methods

Transform Your Qualitative Research with Innovation and Efficiency

Enable in-depth exploration and analysis of user behavior, attitudes, and experiences through a wide range of qualitative tools powered by generative AI.

Drive continuous engagement and uncover valuable insights with Member Forums

Our collaborative boards facilitate ongoing discussions among participants, encouraging engagement on key topics and trends. Through text responses and multimedia uploads, our structured forum environment fosters collaboration, enabling participants to connect, exchange ideas, and collaborate effectively.

Experience in-depth discussions that unveil valuable insights while nurturing a vibrant community with ongoing conversations that evolve over time.

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Unleash deeper insights with asynchronous Discussion Boards

Experience the power of our AI-powered discussion boards, where you can deeply explore a single topic through text responses and multimedia uploads. Our platform enables co-creation, concept and creative refinement, and qualitative attitudes and usage exploration. 

Guide your analysis with AI-generated executive summaries highlighting essential themes, key quotes, and actionable recommendations while seamlessly integrating data from Fuel Cycle’s progressive profiling technology, the P2 Engine.

Capture diverse perspectives and gather comprehensive feedback to inform your research and drive informed decision-making.

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Uncover actionable user insights with longitudinal Diary Studies

Harness the power of multi-step and multi-day activities to capture user behavior, activities, and experiences over time. Our asynchronous diary studies enable participants to provide text responses and multimedia uploads, making them ideal for longitudinal research, in-home usage tests, and shopper missions.

Gain a deeper understanding of user experiences and unlock valuable insights into their behaviors for informed decision-making.

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Gain real-time intelligence and insights with scheduled live chats

Engage with a select audience and capture real-time text feedback by scheduling chats in advance. This live, text-based approach is perfect for concept and creative refinement, as well as qualitative attitudes and usage exploration.

Through dynamic conversations with participants you can gather immediate insights and refine your understanding of user preferences. Harness the power of real-time interactions for actionable results.

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Elevate and enhance insights with scheduled live Focus Groups

Experience the power of real-time video feedback through scheduled interviews with a select audience. Conducted live via video, our focus groups and in-depth interviews provide a robust platform for user interviews and persona building. 

Engage in interactive sessions to gather nuanced insights and develop detailed personas that inform your research and marketing strategies. Unleash the potential of live video interviews for data-driven decision-making.

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Target community members where they are spending most of their time with Insight Reels

Transform your knowledge gathering by leveraging Fuel Cycle’s Insight Reels, a brand new way to optimize your mobile insights. Our Insight Reels activity is a mobile-based qualitative solution designed to look and feel like a social media platform to keep your community members engaged, excited, and familiar with the tools delivered to them. 

Leverage Fuel Cycle’s additional mobile capabilities including geolocation targeting and push notifications alongside Insight Reels to bring ease and precision to your qualitative research, with minimal effort. 

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insights communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.