How CX Researchers
Drive Customer Retention
and Expansion

Understand customer needs and interests in real-time to continually drive organizational competitive advantage

Optimize the Customer Experience at a Lower Cost

Customer experience researchers play a critical role in enhancing customer retention and expansion by comprehending customers’ requirements and interests. Achieving this requires them to carefully analyze data and insights obtained from all customer interactions with the brand, while simultaneously considering innovation and managing cost reduction.

Streamlined Research and Insights

For CX researchers seeking to enhance their clients’ experience, the Fuel Cycle platform provides the necessary tools and resources for collecting both qualitative and quantitative feedback that informs research development and business strategy. 

Our platform supports both strategic and transactional insights, allowing CX researchers to answer crucial questions such as:

  • “What additional products should we offer to drive customer retention?”
  • “What is the NPS of this store location?” 

With Fuel Cycle, CX researchers can access a one-stop-shop for segmented data collection and analysis, providing a streamlined and efficient process for all their research activities.

Improved Customer Experience

Fuel Cycle’s platform is specifically designed to enhance the customer experience by enabling researchers to conduct continuous research and establish meaningful connections with their customers. 

Through our platform, CX researchers can gather both qualitative and quantitative feedback to better understand their customers’ needs, preferences, and pain points. These insights can inform everything from product development and marketing campaigns to customer service strategies, resulting in a consistently positive customer experience.

Leveraging Fuel Cycle enables CX researchers to:

  • Map every interaction between the customer and brand to identify opportunities for improvement 
  • Utilize a combination of primary research data and customer analytics to make improved decisions 
  • Measure customer retention through NPS and retention analysis 
  • Analyze customer journey mapping to identify opportunities for expansion 
  • Streamline operations and reduce costs while maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction 
  • Implement customer lifetime value initiatives 

Improving Customer Experience and Retention

See how Hertz utilized Fuel Cycle to gain ongoing insights about customer needs and interests to drive customer engagement and expansion