Panel Research

Tap Into Key Audiences for Instant Insights.

Expand the reach of your research across diverse demographics and viewpoints.

Elevate your panel insights to the next level.

Conducting research among community members unlocks vital insights, but when paired with panel responses can achieve invaluable depth and breadth for your brand.

While community members offer familiarity and engagement, third-party panels introduce fresh perspectives and diverse demographics essential for comprehensive insights. This hybrid approach ensures a holistic understanding, enabling brands to make informed decisions that resonate across a broader audience spectrum. 

Common use cases for panels within insight communities.

Brand Health Tracking

Enables quick access to a diverse range of respondents outside of your brand’s existing customer base for a truly unbiased view of market impact

Market Sizing

Gain an accurate view of your brand’s potential market size in a certain category or industry amongst the entire target population

Ad & Message Testing

Assess the larger impact your brand’s ads & messaging will have on non-buyers to drive conversions and gain market share

Competitive Benchmarking

Standardize market comparisons across your target audience to truly glean your brand’s standing in the market compared to others

Market Segmentation

Complement your customer segmentation with a broader audience to characterize and learn about any potential category users

Geographically Targeted Research

Unlock insights from specific geographic areas for an audience that is representative of that region to better understand your brand’s market entry to that region

Looking to enhance your panel insights and remove barriers from anonymized respondents?

Investing in an insights community with Fuel Cycle is the key!

Communities serve as an invaluable supplement to panel research by providing context and depth to anonymized respondent data, allowing brands to better understand the motivations and preferences behind the responses. By integrating communities with panels, brands can bridge the gap between quantitative data and qualitative insights, resulting in a more holistic understanding of their target audience and more informed decision-making. 

When leveraging an insight community in conjunction with panel research, the reach of your insights goes further than before.

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“Tap Into Insights Quickly & Frequently” 

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“The platform is so flexible and we’re able to streamline that process from where it might take weeks to coordinate, weeks to get those dates on the calendar, weeks to get that launch process out – now we can do that in a matter of hours.” 

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Ulta Beauty

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insight communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.