Drive Success at Every Stage of Your Product Journey

Build winning products and assets with certainty by eliminating the guesswork and hearing from real customers and users.

Test and validate new & creative ideas for product innovation.
Build and refine new product concepts & features.
Test product prototypes to ensure market viability.
Determine new product market fit within your portfolio.

Running product and concept testing research with Fuel Cycle’s insight community is your secret weapon for market domination.

With our platform, you can gather real-time feedback from verified customers and category users, ensuring that your offerings resonate with their needs and desires.

Our robust toolkit empowers you to iterate quickly, refine your products, and launch winning campaigns with confidence.

Stay ahead of the competition and drive success with Fuel Cycle’s insight community by your side.

Unlock actionable insights across your organization.

Product and concept testing research is your compass in the competitive market landscape, guiding you to success. With this invaluable tool, you can validate new ideas, refine features, and fine-tune ad campaigns to perfection. It’s your ticket to unlocking market viability and staying ahead of the curve in today’s dynamic business environment.

Seamlessly incorporate the below methodologies or any custom Product Intelligence research needs into your insight community for quick results and actionable outcomes.

Prioritize product features

Identify key customer needs and preferences to effectively prioritize product features for roadmap development, targeted messaging, and more.

A/B test product concepts and features

Optimize development roadmaps by testing products to maximize market fit before investments are allocated.

Refine UI/UX elements

Elevate your brand’s digital touchpoints with UI/UX research to enhance user experiences and drive higher levels of engagement and satisfaction.

Uncover optimal pricing range for new offerings

Uncover the optimal pricing range for new offerings through detailed research to maximize profitability and ensure competitive positioning in the market.

Measure ad creative effectiveness & messaging

Optimize campaigns and resonate with target audiences effectively, driving higher engagement and conversion rates.

And much more!

The Research Engine is built to support custom research needs for your brand. In addition to these common use cases, Fuel Cycle is prepared to consult and field research projects on your custom brand needs.

In an increasingly digital world, understanding your brand’s digital touchpoints is more important than ever.

Leveraging community insights for immediate feedback helps brands make informed investments, increase user engagement, and drive overall positive customer experiences.

Fuel Cycle’s platform equips UX researchers with the tools they need to gather valuable insights and deliver exceptional user experiences.

These include seamless integration with User Testing for remote usability testing, Delta Testing to facilitate the comparison of user feedback across different product versions, and Diary Studies for conducting longitudinal research.

In the beauty industry and retail in general, consumer behaviors and insights are a swinging pendulum. Whether it’s a new skincare trend inspired by a viral TikTok, or say, an international pandemic that causes a decrease in makeup-wearing, many factors contribute to constant changes in consumer wants and needs for Ulta Beauty. Find out how Fuel Cycle helped Ulta keep up with these constant changes to meet their customers where they are.

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insight communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.