Product Intelligence

Drive Success at Every Stage of Your Product Journey

Build winning products with certainty by eliminating the guesswork from unmet needs to market performance.

Test and validate new and creative
ideas for product innovation

Testing concept ideas in their infancy is essential to ensuring market viability, understanding consumer preferences, and avoiding costly mistakes in development.

Fuel Cycle provides the strongest environment for showcasing new product ideas to consumers and making data-driven decisions during roadmap production.

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Build and refine new product
concepts and features

As product and offering development continues, it is important to gather feedback on individual features & functions to optimize user experience, identify potential issues early on, and inform marketing communications.

The Fuel Cycle Research Engine provides solutions targeted at understanding feature importance, consumer preferences in functionality, and ensure longevity for your brand.

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Test product prototypes to ensure
market viability

Allowing consumers to have access to prototypes is the fastest way to uncover potential design flaws, inform market entry planning, and avoid the cost of making changes post-launch.

Fuel Cycle offers a number of solutions, including our mobile-only Insight Reels, for gathering real-time feedback on your prototypes, whether virtual or physical, and ensuring ongoing viability ahead of market launch.

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Determine new product market fit
within your portfolio

For brands with broad portfolios to offer customers, it is critical to assess new products for brand consistency, identify gaps or redundancies, and inform selling strategies to maintain brand affinity and avoid disruption to other parts of the business.

Insights gathered with the Research Engine provide invaluable insight into overall brand reputation and how to best optimize new offerings that align with existing consumer preferences and sentiment.

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Build and refine concepts and features

Prioritize concepts or features

Build the optimal product

Refine UI/UX Elements

Measure trade-offs and preferences

Prioritize product features (Kano)

Optimize digital navigation structures

Optimize product lines

Test prototypes and ensure market viability

Test and benchmark UI usability

Test a physical product or prototype

Optimize product price

Beta test products

In-home usage testing

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insights communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.