Market Intelligence

Understand Your Category and Uncover Unmet Needs

Ignite your research strategy and reimagine the customer experience while transforming the art of buying.

Stay current on evolving market
and industry trends for your brand

Markets are more dynamic than ever and staying in the know is vital for strategic planning, adaptability, and identifying emerging areas of opportunity for your brand.

Fuel Cycle provides timely insight to the latest consumer preferences and needs that informs you where your target audience is heading before they get there.

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Elevate your brand and become the
expert in your market category

Knowing your market category intimately is essential to effective targeting and positioning to your consumers and helps mitigate risk by anticipating shifting trends.

Fuel Cycle will help you identify the most important parts of your market to build the most effective go-to-market plans and position your brand as a leader in the category.

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Understand your market and key audiences

Audience personas and segmentation should play a key role in any brand’s marketing and product development to aid in customer retention and maximizing ROI.

Fuel Cycle helps identify and segment your target audiences to grow the number of champions for your brand and learn how to best satisfy their needs.

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Uncover new opportunities for market
growth and expansion

Staying ahead of your market’s gaps and needs will help your brand maintain its competitive advantage and future-proofing against shifting consumer preferences.

Fuel Cycle’s Research Engine is the go-to platform for maintaining ongoing dialogue with your target audiences to ensure longstanding relevance and areas to diversify offerings.

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Understand your category and uncover unmet needs

Measure category attitudes & behaviors

Track attitudes & behavior over time

Understand category segmentation or personas

Track the customer & market journey

Explore category jobs to be done & demand landscape

Uncover white space opportunities

Build customer decision trees

Explore and track new market trends

Accelerate decision intelligence.

By leveraging the Research Engine, which powers leading insights communities, brands forge connections with their key audiences and harness actionable insights that drive confident business decisions.