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The Wave of Customer Experience Clouds

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In a recent study, 75% of companies said their top objective was to improve customer experience. And, it’s with good reason. Customers drive the success of your business, and as technology progresses, it’s clear that catering to customers is a business necessity.

Some of the top ways to increase customer experience include getting CEOs more involved in the customer experience strategy, focusing on personalization, embracing decisions and data more openly, and focusing on augmented reality.

However, when it comes to implementing actual technology into the workplace, one of the most concrete suggestions includes adopting a new and smart technology known as the customer experience cloud.

What is the customer experience cloud?

The customer experience cloud brings various data points together to give companies a more holistic view of the consumer. These data points work to bridge any gaps between sales, IT, operations, marketing, and any other aspect of a business.

Customer experience clouds work by gathering data from various sources including social media, websites, internal data, and more to create a more comprehensive profile of customers.

With this 360-degree view of the customer, organizations can create more personalized, relevant, and rich interactions with their target audience.

What emerging technologies focus on customer experience?

 Now that you have a better idea, it’s time to take a deep look into your business solutions to determine whether or not you are up to speed, and if it’s time to adopt a comprehensive cloud.

Again, as you evaluate your business tools, winning in the customer experience department doesn’t mean only having a customer feedback platform, a data analytics program, a social media strategy, or a way to conduct focus groups with customers.

Emerging customer experience cloud technology should provide a combination of all customer data support that contributes to and drives customer experience.

Fuel Cycle As a Customer Experience Cloud

No doubt you are already familiar with Fuel Cycle as a market research platform, but the robust platform also helps you hit the nail on the customer experience head.

Fuel Cycle is an enterprise-grade online community platform that gives you smart insights into your company’s most valuable asset, your customers. With the help of survey agnostics, discussion boards, live chats, social sharing and login, dynamic profiling, gamification, and more, Fuel Cycle goes above and beyond as a customer experience cloud.

This technology will help you learn about your customers and positively influence CX as well as product development, media and advertising, brand marketing, and more.

Check us out today.

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