Research and data into the buying habits of Millennials have been all the rage, and it’s with good reason. With 75 million U.S. citizens,  Millennials have taken over Baby Boomers as the largest population group. Not to mention, Millennials are a huge target market for most companies.

However, there is a new population group that is starting to enter the market as active consumers, Generation Z. Gen Z is the group of individuals born after 1998, and their purchasing habits are worth noting as they are predicted to eclipse Millenial buyers by 2020.

Gen Z consumers are active mobile device users

 Did you know 46% of Gen Z buyers research a purchase via mobile device before making a purchase? This means you need to have an active online presence, and that presence needs to be mobile optimized if you are going to reach the 20 and under crowd.

The same study by Precision Dialogue predicts that the tendency of Gen Z buyers to research online will only increase in the future. In just one year, research Gen Z buyers conducted online increased by 5%. That’s huge.

Gen Z consumers want online information quickly

As extra evidence that your online game must be on point with Gen Z consumers, Forbes found 60% of Gen Z shoppers won’t use a site or apps that load slowly or that are difficult to navigate.

If you want to reach Gen Z shoppers, take the extra time to make your website intuitive. The easier it is to navigate, the more shoppers you will attract. Additionally, talk to your IT team to make sure you have the latest and greatest updates regarding site load times.

Gen Z buyers are committed to social causes

 80% of Gen Z consumers will buy a product that has a social or environmental impact. And, Gen Z consumers outshine all other generations when it comes to embracing diversity. These stats are hugely telling about what Gen Z consumers care about, and give marketers great insights into how to reach this crowd.

Gen Z buyers will connect more with campaigns that positively impact society, include everyone, and are more likely to align with a brand that shares their values than a brand that does not.

Wrap Up

Now is the time to start thinking about Gen Z buyers and shaping your marketing campaigns to include this up and coming, progressive, and dialed in generation.