As we enter this new year, business leaders everywhere are eager to transform their organizations knowing that recovery may be difficult. Some of what we knew before COVID-19 may never be relevant again. This uncertainty in the global and economic marketplace makes strategic planning challenging than ever before.

In this panel conversation, moderated by Fuel Cycle VP, Polly Speros, hear from Anna Estlund – Director of Insights at Pernod Ricard, Terrae Schroeder – Head of US Insights at Kellogg, and Lindsey Noble – Director of Market & Brand Research at BuzzFeed as they discuss:

  • How insights teams can engage with business stakeholders in a way that maximizes their confidence to act swiftly while striving for innovation
  • How insights professionals can master foresight work and become more valuable members of their organization
  • How to maintain a seat at the table by aiding in strategic planning for a post-COVID world on a post-COVID timeline