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Moderator Teams: Bringing the Power of Continuous Research to All

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With all business units challenged to be more productive, efficient, and work in harmony with one another, it only makes sense that they would all need quick access to customer data – a single source of truth for confident decision-making across the enterprise.

A Call for Continuous Research  

At Fuel Cycle, we believe that the next wave of research innovation stems from a continuous and “open door” approach to customer engagement — giving product, marketing, and customer insights teams access to online forums, discussion groups, and influencer circles where they can all maintain a live pulse on peoples’ evolving attitudes about the product, brand, or customer experience. 

This continuous flow of information, as made available through solutions like Fuel Cycle’s CoRe platform, has proven to be the most valuable asset for today’s fastest growing companies, helping them make better, customer-centric decisions for both immediate pivots and long-term transformation. 

Introducing Moderator Teams 

Large customer teams often have different workflows and projects they’re working on, sometimes with unrelated goals. Fuel Cycle’s Moderator Teams, a new capability of its CoRe solution, allows them to separate and streamline their workflows.

Moderator Teams can consist of one or multiple moderators and allows for the creation of team-specific activities. With various business units running their own activities within a single Community simultaneously, virtually every department has access to an advanced suite of insights technologies and customer data, all centralized within one digital platform.

“Every team across the enterprise needs rapid customer insights to make decisions and traditional market research can’t produce insights fast enough to meet the new demand,” says Rick Kelly, Chief Product Officer at Fuel Cycle. “At Fuel Cycle, we’re building products that support the needs of multiple teams, whether they’re a product group or a communications department. Our objective is to make sure customer insights are unleashed in the enterprise.”

Moderator Teams Use Cases  

Moderator Teams creates granular platform controls, allowing one team to have access to a certain project or platform capability, and other teams to have access to separate ones. Here are a few examples to show you what’s possible:

  • A niche product research study focusing on one element of the product could be completely isolated to the Product Manager and their research team while other, more general projects are available to everyone. 
  • A Brand Manager could run a series of ad concept tests, then launch an ad effectiveness study and report the results to their team and designated stakeholders only.
  • An In-Home-Usage-Test incorporating a diary study portion and user interviews could be conducted entirely through the Fuel Cycle Platform by a Customer Insights Manager and their analysts, without other teams having visibility into those details.
  • All three of these situations could occur at the same time, with a single userbase, inside one Community.

In addition, Team Administrators (such as the aforementioned Product Manager, Brand Manager, or Customer Insights Manager) have the authority to assign specific activities to the appropriate Teams.

A Privacy-Centric Approach 

As companies everywhere prioritize privacy and security, they have begun restricting access to customer data and communications functionality. With Moderator Teams, customers can restrict access to Members or Communications capabilities from others who don’t need PII or detailed member information to accomplish their work. Team Administrators however, are granted visibility into the activities being published by other Teams, mitigating any risk of running conflicting or redundant research projects.

Insights to All 

When more teams are empowered to run continuous market research, businesses see greater ROI from all their insights initiatives. In this light, the Moderator Teams is another way in which Fuel Cycle products grant insights to all.

To learn more about Fuel Cycle’s product offerings and technology roadmap, reach out to one of our insight platform specialists.

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