The Great Consumer Shift: Ten Charts that Show how US Shopping Behavior is Changing

The shifts in consumer behavior due to COVID-19 have been staggering. For example, we saw 10 years of consumer and business digital penetration in less than 3 months. We will talk about 5 big changes to consumer behavior through the lens of McKinsey’s Global Consumer Sentiment survey results. We will also discuss implications for primary […]

Day 1: Intro & Keynote Speech

KEYNOTE INTRO:FC Connect is a digital journey that will teach the audience how to “think like a shark.” For research to be a real driver of innovation and growth, the role and span of influence has to be closer to decision-making. We’ve designed the Fuel Cycle Market Research Cloud to support all facets of business […]

Progress Over Perfection: Becoming the Customer’s Voice Within the Organization

During this session, Jeff shares methods used by the CX Team at FNBO that lead to starting their own online insights community called “The Circle by FNBO.” Using some of The Circle’s research tools, Jeff interviews champions of the CX Team’s work so you can hear first-hand the value of the Customer’s Voice within the […]

Making the Case for User-Centered Research and Design

AEM Corporation works with companies and federal agencies on adopting user-centered research and design methods. User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) practices can reduce risk, speed project implementation, and increase impact. However, the mindset for, approach to, and evaluation of these projects represents a shift for most organizations. This session will help you to […]

7 Steps for Building a Scalable DIY Research Program that Influences Business Growth

The benefits of DIY market research are well known: faster turnaround, cost savings, absolute control of research methods and analysis, data transparency, etc. But whether you’re establishing your research program from scratch or considering moving certain projects from full-service to DIY, it can be challenging to know where to begin. SurveyMonkey has worked with thousands […]

Co-Creation in the Age of Covid

COVID-19 has forced departments and companies across all industries to rethink – in some cases, radically – how they conduct “business as usual.” Consumer research in the Financial Services space is no exception, and this session will answer the question: how can we meaningfully engage our clients in qualitative co-creation research sessions when we can’t […]

The Power of Storytelling in Sports

How do you deconstruct and quantify the essence of powerful storytelling to drive meaningful fan engagement and grow brand affinity? Is it possible to ‘crack the code’ on consistently compelling, powerful storytelling? This presentation shows it is possible to quantify it and create a method to complement the magic of telling memorable stories. Learning Objectives:– […]

Gap Inc.’s Segmentation Story: Building a Culture Around Our Core Customers

Come learn about how Gap, Inc. successfully partnered across our 4 biggest brands (Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic, and Athleta) to build a segmentation that has now been infused into the culture of how we work. Learning Objectives:– Building strategic partnerships and a core team to drive the work forward– Lessons learned– How we socialized […]

How Denny’s is Adapting to the New Normal

Denny’s Director of Marketing Intelligence & CRM shares how they pivoted operations so quickly, how they empowered hyper-local marketing to their franchises, and what they are doing to prepare for the future. Learning Objectives:– Leaning on loyal customers to survive– Quickly adapting to delivery and contactless pickup model– Crafting a new communication strategy – messaging, […]

Taking Action Through Empathy and Agility

As Coronavirus quickly spread and settled into the United States, the BET Consumer Insights set out to connect with our community to understand how the pandemic was impacting their lives. By using simple research techniques, we were able to tell not one, but two, stories of how the social and political climate was impacting our […]