The benefits of DIY market research are well known: faster turnaround, cost savings, absolute control of research methods and analysis, data transparency, etc. But whether you’re establishing your research program from scratch or considering moving certain projects from full-service to DIY, it can be challenging to know where to begin. SurveyMonkey has worked with thousands of brands who have made the successful transition to doing their own research—without a larger team or more in-house expertise. In this session, we lay out 7 practical steps to build and scale a DIY research program that delivers high-growth results for your business.

If you’ve felt the pressure to deliver faster results with fewer resources, then this session is for you. You’ll come away with a sense of how DIY market research can be incorporated into the research roadmap you already have today and a framework that you can implement right away. Plus, you’ll get a few sneak peeks of how SurveyMonkey is innovating to enable more DIY research via panel integrations, automation, AI, and premium support and services.

Learning Objectives:
– The steps to take when establishing and scaling a DIY market research program—with real client examples
– How you can conduct more research without a larger team or in-house expertise
– An understanding of SurveyMonkey’s suite of market research products and services, including a sneak peek of our new automated solutions

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