Driving Action with Data

Market feedback is only as valuable as the action it drives. See how to collect great data and put it to work to grow your business. Learning Objectives:– Collecting the right feedback– Getting feedback to the right people– Using that feedback to drive real change Fill out this form to watch the session:

Preparing Now for Research in a Post-COVID World

The global pandemic crisis has brought huge changes to the market research/consumer insights field. The overall market for primary research has declined significantly, but the impact has been very unevenly distributed. At the same time, the role of consumer insights functions in many companies has changed dramatically, rendering them closer to strategic decision-making. This presentation […]

Understanding the “U” in UX

As a design leader, you are responsible for building experiences that lead to better business outcomes, regardless of whether they happen in product, marketing, strategy, or the organization. I will talk through how you can cut through the noise, utilize design research to identify problems, symptoms and addressable opportunities across these areas. You will learn […]

Amplifying Employee Voices for Happier Culture & Better Business

Productivity, well-being, community, and empathy = what employees care most about. Positive employee experience is essential to a functional workplace and ultimately employee retention. With the current occupational climate, many workers are on the fritz. Join this webinar to learn how to keep your employees satisfied members of the corporate family. Learning Objectives:– How to […]

Negative Blessings: How COVID-19 Can Benefit Research

Although many of us, myself included, have had COVID-19 impact our livelihoods, the upside of a crisis with so many unknown unknowns is the need for exactly the type of guidance research can provide. Helping stakeholders become better consumers of data is one of the most powerful ways to guide your leadership team and clients. […]

Putting the Voice of the Customer at the Heart of the Innovation Cycle

As one of North America’s largest real estate companies, Cadillac Fairview (CF) is constantly identifying new ways to drive an enhanced in-property experience for its office, retail, and mixed-use properties. As the manager of CF’s proprietary research panel, William Gibson will show how innovation ideas are stress-tested by CF’s loyal & potential customers, and how […]

Incorporating Data Discovery into the DIY Strategy: How Fandango Drives Data to the Forefront of Decision-Making

DIY platforms become increasingly prevalent in insights teams’ tech stacks as many organizations move towards lower-budget, faster-return research strategies. Gathering data via DIY platforms is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Integrating that data alongside various other survey projects and socializing it out among key stakeholders, however, remains a challenge. This is where data discovery came into […]

Consumer Insights Needed Now: Best Practices for Package Testing Online

In this unprecedented environment, actionable consumer insights are needed more than ever. Yet, in most cases, in-person qualitative is still not feasible. Enter the promise of online qualitative methodologies that have often been discussed yet rarely executed successfully. Today, Concept Sauce’s innovative tool combined with Magid’s best-in-class packaging expertise makes creating full-blown 3D ‘live’ stim […]

B2B? or not 2B? Pleasing All the Stakeholders

This session will present a case study of how to launch and maintain a successful B2B community. We will discuss the 3 major sets of stakeholders we encountered and how we made it work for each of them. Learning Objectives:– The importance of non-Financial incentives– The value of navigating internal processes–even the dumb ones– The […]