DIY platforms become increasingly prevalent in insights teams’ tech stacks as many organizations move towards lower-budget, faster-return research strategies. Gathering data via DIY platforms is fast, easy, and cost-effective. Integrating that data alongside various other survey projects and socializing it out among key stakeholders, however, remains a challenge.

This is where data discovery came into play for Margaret Wilhelm, VP of Consumers Insights at Fandango. The Fandango team conducts much of their survey work via Qualtrics. They leverage KnowledgeHound’s platform to amplify this data and keep their stakeholders always in-the-know.

In this session, Margaret will discuss how she’s created a fully comprehensive DIY strategy that saves her team money and time, while also empowering her business partners to more effectively leverage valuable customer data.

Learning Objectives:
– How to efficiently democratize access to insights with integrated systems from collection, to dissemination, to analysis
– How to empower business partners with self-service via dynamic keyword search across disparate data sets
– How to transform an insights function from proactive to reactive with a concrete communication plan that guides stakeholders to newly available information

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