Better Measurement is the Secret Weapon to Brand Management

Brand management if often thought in terms of nailing the creative or landing the precise messaging. Yet, the real secret weapon to brand management may be better measurement. Better measurement of the audience, better measurement of ad response, and better measurement of channels performance can do more to improve branding. Learning Objectives:– Shift in thinking […]

A CMO Guide for Measuring and Managing Attention Outcomes

Brand performance is reliant upon better decisioning with a clear path to results at the cash register. Attention management in advertising is about moving away from potentials and probabilities, and instead moving closer toward real and definitive outcomes. On one hand, there are proxy measures that help optimize to better attention outcomes. On the other […]

Automated Analytics: Qualitative Data to Quantifiable Insights in Seconds

The variety and amount of information available to researchers, analysts, and marketers is abundant, to say the least. Yet, with all the data scattered around and perpetually increasing, it gets difficult to properly utilize it. Talkwalker offers a new approach to analytics, providing a single source of truth to analyze data from your social media, […]

The Cringeworthy Marketing Anti-Pattern Playbook

There are good and bad ways to get attention, leads, and eyeballs. While marketers will often wax lyrical about their techniques and methods, there is often little talked about what methods don’t work. Or, more importantly, what methods provide short-term results, but break long-term trust. In this session by Jono Bacon, he will provide a […]

Qual is for All – Demystifying a Methodology’s Legacy

Qualitative research has often been side-stepped because it’s historically expensive, takes too much time, and requires a lot of resources. From discussion boards to private diary studies to video focus groups, there are increasing ways to tap into qual to enrich traditional quant data and even new UX projects. In this webinar, we will discuss […]

Day 2: Intro & Keynote Speech

KEYNOTE INTRO:Give your brain a break and join us for a lighthearted keynote intro session with Max Amini that’ll get you laughing. Through an array of eccentric impressions and novel storytelling, Max’s comedy delivers a strong message about family ties, cultural trappings, and social topics. See what he has in store for attendees of FC […]

Unlock The AI-Superpowers of Your Research

Your panels and communities provide you with rich insights into your customers’ preferences, but you can learn more than they can tell you by enriching your profiles with Dstillery’s behavioral data. You can understand your subjects’ off-brand behaviors as described through Dstillery’s taxonomy of behavioral audiences, which are built using web visitation, content preferences, app […]

Fireside Chat

Join Fuel Cycle’s CPO, Rick Kelly and Game of Thrones writer, Bryan Cogman in a casual conversation about the necessity of invention, key to creativity, and power of insights-driven storytelling. Virtual s’mores anyone? Fill out this form to watch the session:

Mastering Extreme Audience Agility for Optimal Advertising Performance

It’s axiomatic today that market research must go far beyond just reporting what the data says to understanding the data and how to activate on those insights. According to the 2020 GRIT Report on Business & Innovation, buyers and suppliers alike agree the primary driver of market research project success is delivering actionable recommendations that […]

Removing the Walls of Siloed Insights

The session will review current approaches to gathering insights and propose additional methods of layering data and information, previous research, and longitudinal results and refine business intelligence. Learning Objectives:– Longitudinal reviews of previous research (benchmarking)– Real-world results/outcomes layered on audiences– Improving the audience profile data to reduce noise and improve results Fill out this form […]