Your panels and communities provide you with rich insights into your customers’ preferences, but you can learn more than they can tell you by enriching your profiles with Dstillery’s behavioral data. You can understand your subjects’ off-brand behaviors as described through Dstillery’s taxonomy of behavioral audiences, which are built using web visitation, content preferences, app usage and real-world location visits. That enriched understanding of your subjects provides a highly dimensional seed set for not just human-scale insights, but also AI-based applications such as advanced segmentation, marketing automation and predictive targeting.

Learning Objectives:
– With behavioral data enrichment, you can know more than your panel or community is telling you
– You can turn persona-development on its head with unsupervised segmentation, uses AI to cluster those behaviors into organic, often surprising, subpopulations
– Activate those behaviors and subpopulations across your research, marketing automation and media workflows

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