It’s axiomatic today that market research must go far beyond just reporting what the data says to understanding the data and how to activate on those insights. According to the 2020 GRIT Report on Business & Innovation, buyers and suppliers alike agree the primary driver of market research project success is delivering actionable recommendations that “result in a sales opportunity” and “prevent us [the client] from doing something stupid.” Join Katie Casavant, President of 0ptimus Analytics, to learn how to transform custom market research into an immediately actionable, growth-driving insight: a bespoke precision audience of consumers with the highest probability of conversion for use in targeted advertising activation at scale (and conversely a list of the non-target population, those consumers unlikely to ever buy your brand) – in less than a day.

Learning Objectives:
– How to integrate agile audience creation and audience intelligence into your customer insight, advertising performance and brand health solutions
– How to transform research and insight from thousands of community members, online panelists and focus group participants into activation-ready, bespoke, people-based audiences of millions of potential new growth-driving customers in less than a day
– How to identify and target which specific individuals among the US adult population of 243 million are your best prospects with the highest probability of conversion and who are your non-target individuals, people with a low likelihood of conversion despite campaign optimization
– How an industry-leading, direct-to-consumer fitness brand leveraged extreme audience agility to increase both campaign conversion and brand subscription sales while simultaneously decreasing customer acquisition costs

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