Removing the Walls of Siloed Insights

The session will review current approaches to gathering insights and propose additional methods of layering data and information, previous research, and longitudinal results and refine business intelligence. Learning Objectives:– Longitudinal reviews of previous research (benchmarking)– Real-world results/outcomes layered on audiences– Improving the audience profile data to reduce noise and improve results Fill out this form […]

Making Your International Community a Success

An international community program allows huge synergies and harmonization but can be challenging. Through a case study, we will show how local knowledge can enhance your insights, and how you can create a bridge to local teams and local consumers in several languages. Learning Objectives:– Local connection and context give you deeper insights– Effective partnerships […]

Fireside Chat: From COVID to Content Leadership

Join community expert and award winning author Jono Bacon, Calista Corley, Fuel Cycle CRO and Polly Speros, Fuel Cycle VP of Sales as they discuss the ups and downs of remote work, including key technologies and how community plays a role. Fill out this form to watch the session:

Leveraging Research Data To Drive Social Change

In this session, Kerry Hecht, CEO & Founder of Echo MR will discuss leveraging research data and how it can positively impact brand messaging and corporate structure in a transformative and progressive way. Learning Objectives:– Addressing corporate responsibility for tone (and tone-deafness)– How to find and amplify the right voices– How to present those voices […]

Emotion Matters! Now What?

As the frameworks of the modern father of Behavioral Economics, Daniel Kahneman, continue to become more widespread in marketing and advertising ideology and practice, we hear “System 1” and “System 2” an awful lot now. We’ve come to understand how important of a role emotion plays in our everyday decision-making but know there’s more to […]

Accelerating Connected Health in Disease During Covid-19

Fresenius Medical Care serves 200k+ patients on dialysis across 2300+ clinics nationally. During COVID-19, we rapidly rolled out patient engagement, telemedicine and provider apps to accelerate connected health and continuity of care. This session is a case study of our journey and learnings. Learning Objectives:– Understanding end users: deep insights on our patients, physicians and […]

What Brands Need to Know about Social Media to Be Heard Above the Noise

Social media has fundamentally changed the way we live and do business. Research shows that buyers are 57% of the way through the buying process before they contact a salesperson or show up on any corporate lead list. Add a global pandemic with no face-to-face meetings and conference cancellations and the need for online skills […]

Corporate Activism from Within: Creating a Culture of Inclusion & Diversity

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This time feels different. Those are words you’ve probably heard around the recent social justice protests that have swept the nation. The solution, we’re all realizing, starts with us. This panel will discuss the current state of customer and employee inequity due to bias and share insight into how we can begin to level the […]

Making Meaningful Connections in a Time of Change

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With the world in a seemingly constant state of flux, how do you stay connected with your customers? More importantly, how can you ensure those connections are meaningful and authentic? In this panel discussion, hosted by Fuel Cycle’s CRO, Calista Corley, learn how big brands are establishing new norms to forming relationships with their customers […]