Whether we realize it or not, entrepreneurship is embedded in every facet of our lives. Recently, society has been forced to take a crash course in what a day in the life of an entrepreneur looks like due to the pandemic—and society itself has become more entrepreneurial than ever before. We’ve learned to build, launch, grow, fail, pivot, iterate, and learn to be most comfortable with the uncomfortable. Niari Keverian had a head start. Niari began her career learning from the greatest minds in the CPG and Retail industry over 10+ years. Then, she took her plunge as an entrepreneur, launching her first startup ZOOS Greek Iced Teas. She now works as the first hired Entrepreneur within the Lighthouse Incubator Powered by Ocean Spray. Join Niari as she shares her entrepreneurial journey, and be inspired to bring back some fresh thinking into your day to day life personally and professionally.

Learning Objectives:
– Fail Fast, Learn Faster
– Build for Your Consumer
– Be Inspired & Always Have Fun

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