There are good and bad ways to get attention, leads, and eyeballs. While marketers will often wax lyrical about their techniques and methods, there is often little talked about what methods don’t work. Or, more importantly, what methods provide short-term results, but break long-term trust. In this session by Jono Bacon, he will provide a tour-de-force of what not to do. He will cover lead generation, social media, email marketing, and other techniques that have not just solicited crickets, but also groans and unsubscribes. If you want a playbook on what not to do in marketing your company as well as how to build genuine trust and relationships, be sure to join this session.

Learning Objectives:
– The critical balance of long-term benefits vs. short-term rewards, how to identify the balance, and ways to keep you focused on the right results.
– A collection of anti-patterns of poorly executed and delivered approaches to social media, email marketing, brand awareness, community building, and more. Importantly, Jono will show you how to achieve the desired results with alternative approaches.
– The critical role of honestly, voice, and personality in your overall marketing messaging and how to get the right balance to build genuine trust with your audience.

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