The global pandemic crisis has brought huge changes to the market research/consumer insights field. The overall market for primary research has declined significantly, but the impact has been very unevenly distributed. At the same time, the role of consumer insights functions in many companies has changed dramatically, rendering them closer to strategic decision-making.

This presentation will start by outlining data on these changes and will examine trends that may become permanent as opposed to those that fade away. What are the implications of these trends for our industry and profession? What are the implications for clients, agencies and the overall insights supply chain? And what are the effects of these implications for strategy and tactics going forward?

The final portion of the presentation will focus on how to formulate and execute on post-COVID strategy now (not after the crisis ends). What should you be concentrating on and how do you implement a strategy that will place your business in a strong position when we emerge into whatever world awaits us?

Learning Objectives:
– Learn which trends are for real and those that are more likely temporary
– Understand what those trends mean for the profession and for you
– Set a framework for deciding on post-COVID strategy now – and then execute

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