With the 2020 Presidential election around the corner, this session will take you into the political war room and reveal some of the best kept secrets for corporate marketers and researchers. Mitch Markel and Natalie Lupiani of the Benenson Strategy Group, a political and corporate strategic research firm, will share the insight and communication strategies that have powered the campaigns of President Obama, Senator Tim Kain and Governor Phil Murphy, as well as brands such as Sonic, Toyota and McDonald’s. Specifically, they will discuss the importance of a hyper-targeted and localized research plan and introduce a new methodology to help power this strategy. Attendees will then go from the war to board room, where Mitch and Natalie will share how this new approach has enabled brands to understand consumer value and attitudes on a micro level, and how their resulting, tailored communication efforts have paid dividends.

Learning Objectives:
– Learn about lesser-known insight strategies used effectively in the political and corporate worlds
– Discover how to conduct more targeted research and the benefits of doing so
– Come away with examples of how this new methodology has helped companies make their brand marketing more effective

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