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Looking to access live resources and connect with market research experts over real-time conversation? With in-person and virtual event opportunities, we’re sure to have the right fit for you. While you’re waiting to participate in one of our upcoming events, check out our previous event recordings for access to premier insights at your convenience.
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How Fandom Democratizes Data for Company-Wide Success

In the world we live in today, making quick decisions with accurate data is often thought to be just a dream, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Market research democratization can and does exist in the real world. In the upcoming webinar, y

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Top Picks
Top Picks
FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 Putting the Voice of the Customer at the Heart of the Innovation Cycle

As one of North America’s largest real estate companies, Cadillac…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 Incorporating Data Discovery into the DIY Strategy: How Fandango Drives Data to the Forefront o...

DIY platforms become increasingly prevalent in insights teams’ tech stacks…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 Consumer Insights Needed Now: Best Practices for Package Testing Online

In this unprecedented environment, actionable consumer insights are needed more…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 B2B? or not 2B? Pleasing All the Stakeholders

This session will present a case study of how to…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 Better Measurement is the Secret Weapon to Brand Management

Brand management if often thought in terms of nailing the…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 A CMO Guide for Measuring and Managing Attention Outcomes

Brand performance is reliant upon better decisioning with a clear…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 Automated Analytics: Qualitative Data to Quantifiable Insights in Seconds

The variety and amount of information available to researchers, analysts,…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 The Cringeworthy Marketing Anti-Pattern Playbook

There are good and bad ways to get attention, leads,…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 Qual is for All – Demystifying a Methodology’s Legacy

Qualitative research has often been side-stepped because it’s historically expensive,…

FC Connect 2020
FC Connect 2020 Day 2: Intro & Keynote Speech

KEYNOTE INTRO:Give your brain a break and join us for…

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