“Agile” is not a foreign term. In fact, it’s such a hot topic that we may be growing desensitized to its original definition, which is simply, “the ability to move quickly and easily.” When most people think of qualitative research, they don’t think “quick” or “easy.” But as technology enables greater speed, all business units are pressured to keep up by adopting agile methodologies and incorporating them into existing processes. Templated survey solutions, automated analytics, and real-time reporting tools are just a few of the major developments our industry has seen in the last few years. Stepping into the future, however, market research teams will require the ability to run qualitative research studies at the same velocity as quantitative. In this session, Fuel Cycle CPO, Rick Kelly shares Fuel Cycle’s vision for agile qualitative as it exists today and beyond.  

Learning objectives: 

  1. Understand importance of pairing qualitative with quantitative insights and the impact the combination can have on your business  
  1. Learn how agile qualitative technology fits into the existing market research ecosystem and how it can be implemented into every insights organization 
  1. Gain a clear roadmap to navigate a future where “need for speed” becomes every researcher’s mantra – for quantitative and qualitative initiatives