As TV viewers stayed largely indoors in 2020, TV viewing patterns and expectations changed. What do viewers now want from TV programming? And what value can CBS provide to these viewers vis-a-vis on-demand streaming platforms?

In this webinar, Michael Haggerty, SVP Research at ViacomCBS, will share original research insights on the TV viewer’s mindset in 2020 based on a multimodal study with data points from in-home missions, online self-guided activities, photo uploads, ratings and comments, and discussion posts.

You’ll find in the webinar key insights from the CBS study on:

  • What viewers want from Broadcast TV since Covid-19 began
  • Recommendations for how CBS can provide stand-out value
  • Comparison of viewing patterns for Broadcast TV vs. SVOD
  • Elements of stand-out promos
  • Other insights into viewer context and behavior related to Broadcast TV

What emerged from the study was a clear programming and communication strategy for establishing CBS’ entertainment and comfort value for viewers during an unusually chaotic time.

It’s all in the webinar. Watch it now.