The past decade brought many of the tools we use today to establish connection with our customers. In the next year, not only will technology-facilitated collaboration with customers become more vital, but access to tools that forge internal bonds within organizations will become the major differentiator for those that thrive above others. In this conversation with Calista Corley, Fuel Cycle CRO and Ben Jordan, Associate Director at Burt’s Bees, Clorox, attendees will gain a unique look inside the walls of one of the biggest players of the Covid-19 pandemic and learn how the company’s decision-makers aligned forces to drive action that won the trust of customers. As we move into 2021, it’ll be important not just to respond to this shift in responsibility, but to embrace it. You can either stand on the sidelines and hope things return to “normal,” or you can take an active role in empowering your customers to become real-world brand advocates. It all starts on the inside.

  • Why it’s important to prioritize collaborating with critical audiences using technology and methods built on trust and authenticity
  • How leveraging the right tools is a key differentiator for brands, helping them move fast enough to meet customers where they need to be met
  • The power of a centralizing technology to enable stakeholders to fulfill unique needs while also granting them access to a deeper level of insights