What we’re chatting about over s’mores: 

  • It’s true and science confirms it: we don’t know when to start or stop talking. This article by the Scientific America was all over our company Slack this week: “People Literally Don’t Know When to Shut Up—or Keep Talking—Science Confirms.” Read more here
  • Since everybody’s been home most of the time, we’ve been chatting about all the new ways we’ve been cooking. One of the things the team has been chatting about are sous vide machines. Have you tried one? Our VP has been using one for the last year and it has transformed how he cooks at home. Read more in Bon Appetit, here.   
  • People are getting jobs via Clubhouse. The new social “networking” app is doing it all. We’ve only used it a few times over the last few months but have noticed the popularity it has cultivated with a few of our friends and colleagues. How have you been using it? 


Industry Tea: $$$ is flowing right now 

  • Insights industry revenue was down by 22% in 2020, but that hasn’t stopped venture capital and private equity. There’s been a 75% increase in venture investment from 2019 to 2020. You can read more in Research World: New investment in insights industry surges during pandemic, here
  • Speaking of investments, Medallia is acquiring product analytics platform, Decibel for €134M in cash. This continues to show that analytics and improved user experience are key areas of growth. Read more in MarTech Series: Medallia To Acquire Decibel, Leader in Digital Experience Analytics, here
  • Coming away from International Women’s Day and Black History Month, diversity in the market research industry continues to be a talking point. Here’s how some companies are trying to go beyond words and into action with the CEO Pledge. You can read more in Research-Live: ‘WE NEED TO BE PART OF THE SOLUTION’: RESEARCH LEADERS ON DIVERSITY, here


Fuel Cycle Innovations: Who doesn’t want better? 

Quicker access to customer data with Moderator Teams 

  • Moderator Teams creates granular platform controls, allowing one team to have access to a certain project or platform capability, and other teams to have access to separate ones. Read more on our blog, here

Your most engaged customers are waiting for you on Fuel Cycle 

  • For Qualtrics users, we’ve rolled out a new XM Directory feature that supports bi-directional data syncing between Fuel Cycle and Qualtrics. Reach out to your account manager for more details.  

Launching a new product or service and want to find product market fit?  

  • We have 24 templates available to all users in the Ignition tab. 14 of them are free for Fuel Cycle clients, including a new product market fit survey.  


Industry Events: 

  • Clubhouse: Behind the Innovation Curtain – Curtain Call | Today, March 26th at 11:00am PT