Market Research Essentials: The Market Research Cloud Explained

Most businesses utilize siloed cloud services for sales, marketing or other departments. The Market Research Cloud combines quantitative and qualitative methodologies, a one-of-kind progressive profiling system that keeps your customer data current, and a partner ecosystem that bridges dozens of additional insights tools and methodologies into unified space. Fuel Cycle has taken the strengths of […]

The Renaissance of Qualitative Research

Market research, like every industry, is going through a metamorphosis with new tools and solutions constantly challenging the status quo. While quantitative studies have long ago made the migration to mostly being conducted online, qualitative research has lagged behind. But now, we are seeing movement in the field of online qualitative research. Download this White […]

The Rise of Peer-to-Peer & Branchless Banking

In the world of banking, consumers are moving in droves towards the easiest and frictionless tech solutions. Longstanding institutions are having to make way for new tech apps that are taking consumers by storm. Peer-to-peer sharing and services are examples of how fintech firms are leading the way in the finance industry. If you are […]

How to Conduct Primary Market Research for Marketers

Market research provides marketers with vital information on behavior, preferences, and pain points of their target market. And yet, so few marketers have the time or resources to conduct research. But luckily enough, we have culled our years of experience in market research into this comprehensive guide. Gain specific knowledge on how to conduct primary […]

The Buyers’ Guide to B2B Online Communities

Your relationship with your customer is your best source of predictive data, and your online community is a space to grow a dynamic and bidirectional relationship with your client—while aggregating actionable data. Against popular belief, the B2B buyer wants to interact with your brand, and we have active and engaged B2B clients who are proof […]

Reinventing the In-store Experience: The Future of Retail

The loss of foot traffic, combined with a drop in disposable income in the years following the Recession, has created an unprecedented reckoning in the realm of traditional retail. Likewise, with e-commerce touting transparency and same-day delivery, brick-and-mortar has witnessed substantial losses. The reality, however, is much more promising: traditional retail is experiencing a renaissance. […]

Insuring Millennials: The Most Under-Insured Generation

Millennials are considered the most hard-to-predict consumers of any generation. Insurance providers are feeling at a loss. How do you ensure the most under-insured generation? The answer is to focus on key areas of opportunity to engage notoriously difficult-to-reach customers. Engage and foster a relationship as early as possible Prioritize direct channels over traditional models […]

The Insider’s Guide To Online Community Engagement

Building on FUEL CYCLE’s decade-plus of experience, launching hundreds of communities for a diverse range of clients across financial services, media, technology, travel & more, this guide compiles the latest insights & best practices that our community management team uses when consulting with brands like AIG, ELLE, Hertz & UPS. Discover how to build your […]

6 Steps For Enhancing Your CX With Online Communities

Today’s top companies understand that customer-centricity isn’t just the task of a single department, but a framework by which their long-term success depends on. But building an effective customer experience require a variety of moving parts, including: Robust customer intelligence tools The voice of the customer Enterprise-wide accountability

The Definitive Online Community Buying Guide

Online communities have become a vital bridge between brand and customer, revealing a more holistic picture of how audiences think, behave, and make decisions. But despite their gaining popularity, many organizations still struggle to find the right solution that meets their needs – and the customers’ needs. Download our latest white paper, The Definitive Online […]