The Fuel Cycle Exchange is Proud to Announce Remesh as a Partner

In the current, digitally-driven ecosystem, the opinions, trends, and desires of customers change more rapidly than they ever have- thanks to the speed in which people can now engage, consume, and communicate. Now, it’s the researcher’s task to not only keep up with the rapid pace of the market but to be ahead of the […]

A Deep Dive into FCX’s Newest Partner: Pilotly

According to a recent report, nearly half an adults’ day is dedicated to consuming content—and today there’s an ever-growing amount of content to consume. In TV alone, nearly 500 scripted shows aired in 2017, with industry professionals calling this era in television as “peak TV.” As creators continue to scale their output, the need for […]

Fuel Cycle Expands UX Research Capabilities with UserZoom Partnership

Fuel Cycle, the leading all-in-one market research solution, announced today, in efforts to optimize research capabilities in user experience, a new strategic partnership with UserZoom, the leading UX insights company in UX research and usability testing. UserZoom’s mission is to scale UX research through speed and automation, which carefully aligns with Fuel Cycle’s commitment to empower […]

Introducing FCX Partner: Meta4Insight® – Born from Innovation, Thriving on Exploration

Understanding consumer behavior is one-part art and one-part science. Traditionally, understanding consumer behavior has been challenging. Old-fashioned research approaches focus on the System 2. The System 2 is known as the rational, slow and deliberate brain, however; as behavioral economics has taught us, humans also rely on the faster, non-conscious and emotional System 1 brain […]

Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) Debuts at MarTech Conference

MarTech Conference — Fuel Cycle, today announced the launch of Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX), an industry-first platform that aggregates insights tools, providing an all-in-one solution for market researchers to power their entire research lifecycle. FCX enables Fuel Cycle customers to centralize their research activities on a single platform to support product development, shopper insights, customer experience, […]

New Fuel Cycle Panels Put Comprehensive Survey Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Fuel Cycle (, the leading market research and community intelligence platform preferred by Fortune 100 enterprises, today announced Panels, a new integrated research sampling capability that enables brands to reach a wider target audience and more easily acquire valuable market intelligence. Powered by Lucid (, the world’s leading marketplace for buyers and sellers of data collected directly through surveys […]

Fuel Cycle’s New Video Research Capability Unlocks Deeper Customer Insights

Video enables researchers to capture six times more content and 65 percent more themes than traditional survey methods. However, analyzing videos has previously been an extremely time-consuming process, preventing businesses from gaining the unique insights made possible by video research. To remove these barriers, leading market research and community intelligence platform provider Fuel Cycle ( today launched […]

A Deeper Dive into FUEL CYCLE’s Partnership with SurveyGizmo

surveygizmo hero

In case you haven’t heard, FUEL CYCLE has officially partnered with SurveyGizmo, a web-based insights solutions platform that helps business professionals organize, collect, and take prompt action on data to better understand their customers, markets, products, and employees. With this partnership, SurveyGizmo’s solutions are integrated into FUEL CYCLE’s customer insights platform in order to offer […]

Design and Launch SurveyGizmo Campaigns Directly From Fuel Cycle

surveygizmo hero

FUEL CYCLE (, the leading market research and community intelligence platform, and SurveyGizmo (, an enterprise-grade survey and data insights platform and leader in empowering business professionals to make informed decisions, today announced a partnership to integrate SurveyGizmo’s solution into FUEL Cycle’s customer insights platform. The partnership was forged to offer FUEL CYCLE’s clients more survey options for […]