In the current, digitally-driven ecosystem, the opinions, trends, and desires of customers change more rapidly than they ever have- thanks to the speed in which people can now engage, consume, and communicate. Now, it’s the researcher’s task to not only keep up with the rapid pace of the market but to be ahead of the game when it comes to understanding consumers.

Remesh is a technology that facilitates and deepens customer knowledge- faster. The Remesh Audience Intelligence Platform allows marketers and researchers to actively engage and understand up to 1,000 consumers at once on a much deeper level than surveys and a much larger scale than focus groups.  

Remesh is used to ideate and collect feedback for a range of purposes including to build better products, construct campaigns that resonate, and create a culture of agile innovation.

How It Works

Researchers can host feedback and ideation sessions through their Remesh integration on their Fuel Cycle community platform with hundreds of consumers at once- online and in real-time. A moderator leads the online session, surveying through polls and open-ended questions to the audience. Participants submit their open-ended responses, stating their unfiltered thoughts in their own words. Each respondent then does a simple voting exercise where they see pairs of other participants answers and keep selecting the response they agree with the most.  

Following this exercise, Remesh’s machine learning component comes into play. The AI understands, analyzes, and segments all the responses in a matter of minutes. The researcher has access to automated deep-data dashboards that ranks responses and segments them while the session is running! This allows for a highly dynamic conversation, where the moderator can dig deeper into surprising topics that arise all in real-time.

Running a Remesh session from set up to finish typically takes only a matter of hours.  Remesh’s qual insights at a quantitative scale make it possible to make your research more agile and accurate than ever before.

Why We Partnered With Fuel Cycle

With a Remesh integration, Fuel Cycle users can engage their community members in-real time to cultivate deep, actionable insights at a large scale. An hour-long session on Remesh typically generates the same amount of data that weeks of qual and quant work would.  This means that Fuel Cycle users can make their research more agile, test assumptions more frequently, and get a deeper understanding of their customers.