Agile and Actionable Qualitative Insights for Startups

The ability to produce agile and actionable insights can be particularly valuable in the fast-paced world of healthcare, where quick and informed decision-making can have a significant impact., a startup digital, direct-to-patient healthcare company, found a way to effectively gather and use qualitative insights to inform their decision-making and meet the needs of various […]

Diving Deep: TMB Partners with Fuel Cycle for Brand Health Tracking


Fuel Cycle’s new Brand Health Tracking solution is built for agility and can be run up to once a month. Trusted Media Brands (TMB) partnered with Fuel Cycle again by using their Brand Health Tracking software, a part of the Ignition suite. Learn how this partnership brought TMB valuable strategic insights.

TMB – Journey to Constant Customer Connection

a photo of two women smiling while writing on a white board using a red and a blue markers in a bright lit room

While facing challenges due to declining response rates, as well as inability to access consumers as frequently or quickly as needed, TMB was looking for a tool that would provide a more consistent, easy to access connection. Learn how Fuel Cycle’s Community turned out to be the solution to these needs.

Ulta | Streamlining Processes to Meet Consumers Where They Are

a shot of makeup brushes and a mascara lying on top of a few bottles of powdered foundations

In the beauty industry, and retail in general, consumer behaviors and insights are a swinging pendulum. Whether it’s a new skincare trend inspired by a viral TikTok, or say, an international pandemic that causes a decrease in makeup-wearing, many factors contribute to constant changes in consumer wants and needs for Ulta Beauty. Find out how […]

King’s Hawaiian – Hitting the Market Research ROI Sweet Spot

After experiencing a decade of consistent growth in distribution and awareness, King’s Hawaiian looked to identify a starting point for new and exciting ventures. But with traditional research tools, they couldn’t gather insights quickly enough to keep pace with evolving customer needs. As a result, they took a few risks with new products that didn’t […]

Trusted Media Brands – Consumer Trust

A Trusted Media Brands, publisher of Reader’s Digest, among other lifestyle brands, has maintainedan online insights community, Inner Circle for the past five years. They originally engaged FuelCycle with the intent of facilitating the process for regular subscriber surveys across all its mediabrands, and to allow for more qualitative exploration among consumers. Find out how […]