Case Study

King’s Hawaiian – Hitting the Market Research ROI Sweet Spot

After experiencing a decade of consistent growth in distribution and awareness, King’s Hawaiian looked to identify a starting point for new and exciting ventures. But with traditional research tools, they couldn’t gather insights quickly enough to keep pace with evolving customer needs. As a result, they took a few risks with new products that didn’t perform as well as they had expected.

That’s when the company’s Head of Consumer Insights, Troy Figgins, and his team discovered market research online communities. Upon launching their community, The Ohana Circle, the team quickly realized that it didn’t just grant them always-on access to the pulse of customer interest they needed to stay ahead of changing behaviors and preferences. It also enabled them to leverage an extensive assortment of agile research methods and tools with the Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX), resulting in a continuously evolving dialogue with their most important stakeholders.