The 2022 State of Market Research

an image of the 2022 State of Market Research Report

2021 was another tumultuous year for businesses. COVID variants stalled any hope of an economic rebound. Industries struggled with disrupted supply chains, inflation, and workforce challenges. The future of market research (MR) in 2022 will involve navigating these obstacles, preparing for the worst (and the best), utilizing technology, and collecting continuous customer insights.  In Q1 […]

2022 GRIT Insights Industry Benchmarking Report

The practice of insights is changing so fast when you understand what’s happening, you’ll be best equipped to handle it. What impact is your market research tool having on the organization? See crucial data to support important questions the industry is asking. This report covers topics including: Best practices to maximize the business impact of […]

2021 State of Community Report

In the last year, businesses have had to adapt to a rapidly changing business landscape. In December 2020, we surveyed 275 insights professionals about their use of tools and methods.   Results show that organizations have expanded their reliance on customer insights to inform decision-making, and researchers are increasingly reliant on innovative solutions such as online communities.   While the pandemic is one reason for the shift, our […]

2021 State of Market Research

2021 is poised to be a year of transition. With a post-COVID reality in sight, businesses can finally start to work on shaping their futures. And in order to quickly pivot with accuracy and empathy toward the customer, decision-makers are drawing on insights. In December 2020, we surveyed 275 market researchers about their jobs and their industry. We found that in […]

2020 Business & Innovation GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report

Fuel Cycle was awarded three recognitions in the latest GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) Report: #6 Technology Provider, #21 Strategic Consulting Category, and #22 of the Top 50 Most Innovative Companies! This is a result of a few things. Namely, the Fuel Cycle core values of customer-centricity and extreme curiosity.   In recent years, we’ve observed a strong shift of interest from quantitative to qualitative technology within the market research industry. We listened. […]

The State of Qualitative Market Research

In January 2020, we surveyed 195 market researchers to find out how they field qualitative studies and what they think of qualitative data. The full report reveals that while qualitative research is being conducted by most researchers, less than half of are utilizing the very best techniques to gather the richest kind of insights.   Download this report to discover:  Current industry usage of quantitative versus qualitative […]

The State of Market Research Industry Report 2020

In August 2019, we surveyed 193 market researchers about their day-to-day work. Our key finding: They love what they do even as their job grows more difficult than ever. From daily tasks to grand desires to fears that keep them up at night, our report covers all aspects of the market researcher’s experience.   Download this […]

2020 Insights Practice GRIT Report

The 2020 GRIT Report is In!  ​​​​This report provides the industry with a 360-degree view of the knowledge buyers and vendors need to navigate the world of insights and make informed decisions about their own market research practices.   Download this report to discover:  The evolving role and activities of market researchers, including emerging methodologies  Major drivers of supplier selection […]

The State of Qualitative Research Automation

Looking to accelerate qualitative research? Digital qualitative tools are stuck in a place where quant tools were ten years ago—seen as unreliable, or worse yet, not necessary. As technology continues to disseminate and morph industries, market research too will be faced with inevitable change. Qualitative methodologies will be more commonplace in businesses who appreciate agile […]

The Future of Banking: Mapping the Financial Customer Journey

This report maps the financial customer journey through quantitative feedback from both customers and bankers. The consumer data has been cross-analyzed and compared across demographics that include income and age. Nearly 1000 consumers participated and over 200 bankers responded. Download this white paper now to gather insights into the pre-purchase, purchase, and post-purchase banking customer […]