The Great Consumer Shift: How has COVID impacted consumer behavior?

Consumers in the U.S. are optimistic and starting to spend at pre-COVID levels The great disruption of March/April 2020 changed consumer behavior in 3 big ways: 1) Omnichannel is ascendant; 2) the Homebody Economy will be with us in the medium term at least; 3) The barrier to switching brands, retailers or ways of shopping […]

Panel: Igniting Product Innovation: Agile Research for a Competitive Edge

One of the questions many of us asked ourselves this last year is, “what really matters?” As consumers begin spending again, businesses are in a unique position to redefine the norm. And when all signs point to a more digital future, how can product and UX teams confidently innovate to ensure their offerings meet new […]

Saving the Infiniti Car Brand: A Lesson of Transformative Insights

Learn from the experience of a co-leader of the initiative that saved the Infiniti auto brand and transformed it from the junkyard of automotive history into a top-tier luxury brand competitor.  There are 3 key elements to making insights transformative.  Key Takeaways:  Commitment:  From senior management and the execution level employees  Good Research:  I.e. Problem definition, sample, […]

Welcome to FC Connect Day 2 | How the Pros Do It: Best Practices in MROC

Market Research Online Communities (MROCs) can be an insight goldmine, especially when they’re leveraged to the fullest. FC Launchpad is an exclusive community of MROC pros; a growing crew of Fuel Cycle community experts and client-sided market researchers who have years of experience with their own research communities. Learn the foundations of a successful MROC […]

Passenger-side Marketing: Enhancing the Drivers of Marketing

This session will illustrate FNBO’s community journey from showing-off the capabilities of “The Circle” to showing up inside a project plan. Key Takeaways: Hear from the “CX road warriors” that are helping a 160-year-old bank on its journey into the next evolution of customer research via “The Circle,” FNBO’s online customer community See how the […]

Exploring Delight, Desire, and Needs with Brands

It’s natural to think that in today’s digital world you need to go viral to break through the noise. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Time and time again, we see that a deep connection with your community goes further than a viral moment. But how do we do this? In this talk, […]

Panel: Communities for Customer-Centric Organizations

In times of both prosperity and uncertainty, communities are an enduring way to bring the customer’s voice into an organization—well beyond the call center. Truly delivering on customer-centricity means gaining more than feedback to concepts, but understanding what customers value when doing business with you, and being in front of micro trends and behavioral shifts […]

How Video is Killing The Radio Star* | *Radio Star = PowerPoint

The past year has transformed the way we utilize video to communicate with our friends and family. Since our personal behaviors shift to our professional behaviors, we need to equip ourselves to use video to communicate within organizations to implement change. Research and Insights professionals were quick to adopt new methods for conducting virtual video research, […]

Welcome to FC Connect 2021 | Day 1

FC Connect is a virtual summit experience all about celebrating insights that ignite action. For research to be a real driver of innovation and growth, the role and span of influence have to be closer to decision-making. It is now the role of MR to sift through the new reality and come up with a high-impact […]