Integrating UX strategy and a harmonized design lifecycle from discovery through delivery provides a golden thread at all touchpoints that balance a deep understanding of the user and design process, as well as the impact on business value. This shared paradigm enhances the way research, design, and business seamlessly integrate to deliver exceptional experiences that put people at the center of the product. Leveraging the Experience Design Method (EDM), a cycle of discovery, ideation, validation, and refinement, we helped our product teams identify user segments and their current pain points with low code application development to deliver a new tool that addresses user needs. After identifying user segments, we conducted iterative concept validation to define a user-centric experience and concluded the cycle with summative usability testing to identify opportunities for future refinement. By incorporating direct user feedback throughout the product lifecycle, we were able to deliver a successful product that is already seeing adoption shortly after release. 

Key Takeaways:

  • A review of design lifecycles and typical research and design artifacts
  • An understanding of how all of these artifacts connect in an integrated holistic view of the user experience
  • How to connect this holistic view to product and business outcomes