How Magic Spoon, Bumble, and Peloton Create Magical Brand Experiences

Read on to discover: Magic Spoon: The value of visual branding to evoke an emotion Peloton: The value of community and power of influencers Bumble: The value of insights to drive product development Tiktok has about one billion active users, a number that is growing by the minute. In short, 60-second videos users can share […]

Communities for Customer-Centric Organizations

Read on to discover: How communities can drive VoC within your organization The impact potential of customer centricity in decision-making Best practices to loop in stakeholders within your customer community Online research communities are among the most popular and cost-effective ways for market researchers to capture real-time qualitative customer data. An online research community uses […]

Igniting Product Innovation With Agile Research

Read on to discover: 2021 trends and user expectations for product innovation. The key ingredients to a successful innovation initiative. Looking to the future: the role of big data in innovation. On day two of FC Connect 2021, Calista Corley, CRO at Fuel Cycle, had the honor of discussing product innovation with business leaders from […]

How COVID Has Impacted Consumer Behavior… Possibly for Good

Read on to discover: McKinsey & Co.’s ongoing COVID-19 consumer behavior tracking over the last year 3 fundamental shifts in consumer behavior that are forecasted to endure post-recovery Insight into who is spending and how this knowledge can inform your 2022 strategy The COVID-19 pandemic is a humanitarian crisis at its core, with thousands of […]

State of Media & Entertainment

Read on to discover: The current state of the media & entertainment industry How today’s consumers are evaluating their media spending Tools for media brands to maintain their real-time consumer data Imagine that it’s 1999, you are eight years old and looking forward to a movie and pizza night with your best friend. You convince […]

The QR Code Renaissance

A QR code, also known as a Quick Response Code, is a type of barcode invented in 1994 by Japanese auto company Denso Wave. Just like the barcodes we see on products at the grocery store, a QR code stores data and information. The difference between QR codes and retail barcodes is that QR codes […]

Navigating The PR Nightmare

In today’s business world, it’s easier than ever before to get your message out to your target audience. You can spread your company offerings around like confetti between your website, social media profiles, and email platform. The only problem with this ever-present communication? If your message is poorly crafted or customers find out you are […]

FC Connect 2021 Top Takeaways

FC Connect Takeaways

FC Connect 2021 was all about leveraging insights to ignite action. Our speakers delivered high-impact tips on a variety of topics, from homing in on the right product research strategy to creating magical brand experiences. With so many key learning moments, we thought it would be helpful to synthesize the best of the best for […]

Return to the Office: Future of Employee Experience

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that “business as usual” can be turned on its head, rearranged, and become anything but usual. While many companies in the US already offered work-from-home options to their employees, the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work an urgent necessity, and in many cases, a state-mandate. The kitchen […]