Navigating The PR Nightmare

In today’s business world, it’s easier than ever before to get your message out to your target audience. You can spread your company offerings around like confetti between your website, social media profiles, and email platform. The only problem with this ever-present communication? If your message is poorly crafted or customers find out you are […]

FC Connect 2021 Top Takeaways

FC Connect Takeaways

FC Connect 2021 was all about leveraging insights to ignite action. Our speakers delivered high-impact tips on a variety of topics, from homing in on the right product research strategy to creating magical brand experiences. With so many key learning moments, we thought it would be helpful to synthesize the best of the best for […]

Return to the Office: Future of Employee Experience

If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that “business as usual” can be turned on its head, rearranged, and become anything but usual. While many companies in the US already offered work-from-home options to their employees, the COVID-19 pandemic made remote work an urgent necessity, and in many cases, a state-mandate. The kitchen […]

Making Your International Community A Success

In the past, if you wanted to connect with someone in another country, you had to book a plane ticket and visit them. Today, all you need is a strong wi-fi connection to collaborate with people in any country in the world. Not only can you chat with a friend from France on social media, […]

Market vs. UX Research

When businesses already have a general market research plan in place, they often rely on these existing insights rather than conducting new user research to inform design decisions. After all, both market and UX research leverage customer access to incorporate feedback into strategic processes. However, as impressive as agile MR can be, businesses that don’t […]

Research Integrity for Online Communities

research integrity

Companies today want to engage in strategy-led growth without interruptions or fear of malicious behavior. Unfortunately, one of the biggest barriers to research integrity is the cyber threat of bots and fraudulent users. As noted in multiple journals, these cyber threats are ever-increasing, with bots now able to answer open-ended questions with stealth fluency. Programmers […]

The Ultimate Guide to Employee Communities

After unprecedented business growth and historically low unemployment, organizations were flush with top talent before COVID-19 shut down the nation in March of 2020. Now, as we head into the Summer of 2021, many businesses are struggling to find employees at all. With many losing their jobs due to the shutdowns, multiple rounds of stimulus […]

Virtual Interview Use Cases for Financial Services

The financial services sector has become increasingly competitive in the last few decades as the popularity of big banks has waned and smaller boutique-style organizations have gained traction. Financial services like taking out a home loan, opening investment accounts, and refinancing are now offered by a wide variety of smaller financial institutions with easy-to-use technology, […]

Virtual Interview Use Cases for Healthcare

Healthcare has changed drastically in the last decade with the introduction of The Affordable Care Act over ten years ago and a current administration that vows to expand healthcare coverage to Americans in need further. Patients now have access to health plans that offer more flexibility than ever before. Historically, not much effort has been […]

Progress Over Perfection: Becoming the Customer’s Voice Within the Organization

During a recent Fuel Cycle webinar, we discussed the importance of customer voice with Jeff Dahms, the Director of CX at the First National Bank of Omaha (FNBO). Jeff emphasizes that while his organization can’t claim to have the “secret sauce” to voice of customer program success, they have found a model that works for […]