Here’s How You Need to Do a Pilot Test

Do you want to be able to identify potential problem areas before you invest all of your resources in a full market research strategy? A pilot test is critical for market research technology because it can save you time and money before you ever conduct a full test. But how is pilot testing in market research conducted? Learn more […]

The Importance of Naturality in Market Research

Research is a responsibility that few entrepreneurs enjoy. Not only is it time-consuming, but not many professionals understand how to conduct it correctly. To elaborate, humanizing your market research process is essential for producing the most accurate results. It can be difficult, though, to develop a strategy at first. Not sure where to start? Don’t worry, […]

How to do Focus Groups in the Virtual World

Despite the advent of big data, focus groups are becoming more important and are a growing top market research technique for brands.  However, to be effective, a focus group has to be well conducted. While there’s a lot of existing information about how to run a traditional focus group, 2020 has thrown us all a new curveball.  […]

What You Miss Without Continuous Research

In order to target your audience’s demographic as efficiently as possible, you’ll need to research their interests, hobbies, annual income, etc., so that you can better understand the way they think. Research doesn’t stop after you’ve defined your audience, though. Continuous research is required due to the fact that audience tastes and trends will vary […]

Attend FC Connect: Fuel Cycle’s Digital Insights Summit

Connection is shifting. The way we interact with our colleagues, our customers, even our friends and families has drastically changed. Despite this, the one thing that clearly hasn’t changed – if anything it’s become more apparent – is our deep need for authentic connection.   Creating an authentic human-brand connection is more important now than ever. And with the situation and stakes being so novel, it can be challenging to see a clear path through to the other […]

How Big Brands are Integrating Customer Data to Maximize CX Research

Having data on your customer base is important, as it provides the foundation for how you communicate with them. Even more so, integrating customer data into your customer experience (CX) research is imperative for reaching maximum insights potential. That’s where progressive profiling comes in. Progressive Profiling 101  What is progressive profiling? Progressive profiling allows you to have […]

How Customer-Driven Innovation Leads to Award-Winning Technology

The GreenBook Research Industry Trends (GRIT) report is one of the most acclaimed and widely read reports outlining trends in the market research industry. Released by Greenbook, a leading market research publication, the 26th edition of the GRIT Report is based on feedback from insights professionals around the world, providing one of the most comprehensive […]

How to do Brand Awareness Tracking

What is Brand Awareness? Brand awareness is a marketing term that describes the extent a customer is able to recognize a brand. It can be perceived as a vague concept, especially among data-driven marketers who like to gauge success with the confidence of numbers. However, just because there isn’t one standard metric to track and […]

See How Margaret, VP of Insights, Became Her Company’s Hero

Meet Margaret. Margaret is the VP of Insights at a large CPG company. She loves her job and worked hard to scale the ranks from analyst to department leader. She’s seen countless ebbs and flows of internal support for insights departments over the years and has learned to value tools and integrations that help research teams do more than less. So, she’s always measuring new solutions by how well […]

Boost Your Marketing with Powerful People-Based Activation

Defining your target audience is one of the business’s most important tasks. It is the foundation of every element of your strategy – from how you develop and name products or services, the type of messaging you use to reach customers, to the marketing channels you use to promote them.  The more you understand your target market, the better you’ll be […]