5 UX Research Tools & Strategies For 2022

UX (user experience) research studies users and how they interact with designs, specifically within computers or mobile phones. UX research can be done on a qualitative (i.e., in-depth customer interviews) or quantitative (i.e., surveys) basis to discover patterns within a large target group. Website and mobile app developers harness the power of UX to develop […]

What’s The Future Of Financial Services Marketing?

As the COVID-19 pandemic drove a digitalization gold rush, with many industries rushing to reformat their services and customer journeys to fit the “new normal,” financial companies had a leg up on the competition. The financial sector has been leaning heavily into technology for a while now. In fact, even before the pandemic took hold, […]

Market Research in 2021: A Look-Back at Major Events & Trends

friends celebrating new year

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. As we near the end of 2021 and the second year of the pandemic, brands have realized the importance of understanding their customers, their motivations, emotions, decision-making patterns, and future needs. Demand for market research has only grown in the past […]

Why Customer Insights Are the Ultimate Driver for Food & Beverage Business Success

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The food and beverage (F&B) industry is one of the most diverse, competitive, and innovative industries in the world. Any business that produces and/or distributes edible or drinkable goods is part of the F&B club. The industry as a whole is typically ahead of others in terms of consumer trends, most notably environmentalism. 55% of […]

Improving Product Experience with Market Research

Read on to discover: How market research methods can be applied by product leaders Five types of market research for product experience improvement The ROI you can expect from implementing product experience research Market research (MR) is the process of gathering information about customers’ needs, wants, and preferences. The two main types of MR include […]

Trusted Media Brands on Using Community for Customer Experience Strategy

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Read on to discover: Why TMBI chose to leverage a market research online community How TMBI thinks about customer experience and engagement Two examples of how TMBI used their community to guide strategy Trusted Media Brands, Inc. (TMBI), the publisher of Reader’s Digest, among other lifestyle brands, provides engaging content for millions of readers across […]

Improving Customer Experiences with Market Research

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Read to discover: The most common customer experience research methodologies Why customer experience research needs to be agile and continuous The ROI of research and how it leads to increased loyalty & retention Do you know how satisfied your customers are? Delighting your customers with quality products and services, impeccable customer support, and continual innovation […]

Market Research for Better Digital Experiences


Read to discover: How market research can be leveraged to drive continuous innovation The importance of offering mobile-optimized digital experiences How mobile-optimized market research tools drive high fidelity insights Market research (MR) is an umbrella term representing all of the activities that a business does to gather information about its customers’ needs, wants, and preferences. […]

How to Reinvigorate Your Market Research Community

Read on to discover: Key internal and external drivers behind research communities at risk 4 areas of action to get your community back on track Best practices to promote a preventative mindset with stakeholders Launching a market research community is no simple task. From selecting a platform, identifying research goals, recruiting members, and getting stakeholder […]

The Pros & Cons Of Influencer Marketing

Read on to discover: What are influencers and how can they be built into your marketing strategy? The common pitfalls that brands new to influencer marketing struggle with Ways that influencers are driving the future of consumer behavior Companies have long used celebrities to endorse and market their products. In the 1930s, Babe Ruth threw […]