How to Measure Ad Effectiveness

For most businesses, advertising is their primary means of bringing in new customers and retaining customers who have already purchased products in the past. While it is relatively straightforward to run ads, how can you tell if you’re doing it effectively? Not knowing what strategies and copy are performing best and are relating to your […]

What is Price Testing and Why is it Important?

Price testing in theory allows us to find the optimal price to charge for a product. While other factors like manufacturing, marketing, and wholesale costs also factor into this equation, it’s critical to maximize profit on a product to ensure funds for future endeavors and general expansions for the business can occur. One way to […]

Your How-To Guide for Concept Testing Ad Campaigns

Concept testing is a valuable tool that can be used to test ideas to a limited audience as it pertains to ad campaigns – among other things – in marketing. Does your company currently conduct concept testing when running ads? If so, are you optimizing your tests to the best of your company’s ability? And […]

Top Learnings from the Market Research Leaders of 2020

At this year’s FC Connect Digital Insights Summit, over 40 industry leaders offered valuable insight into new market research trends, DIY research strategies, and specific methodologies to capture data and activate organizational change. But who has over 40 hours to watch the recordings of every session? Yeah, that’s what we thought. So, we’ve summed up […]

Compensation: the Taboo Topic that Could Make or Break Your Business

According to Great Place to Work CEO, Michael C. Bush, only 40% of the approximately 3 billion workers in the world say they’re happy at work. This isn’t ideal for many reasons, but on the corporate side specifically, the benefits of establishing a workplace full of happy employees are inarguable. When compared to unhappy counterparts, […]

Finding Ground and Stepping Away from the Crowd: Gerald “Jerry” Lawson

John SmithSales Development Representative Fuel Cycle Author’s Note: This article is part of a series on celebrating Black innovators for their contributions to our industry, and to American society at large. When we develop a stronger appreciation for the ways that Black and other disenfranchised Americans have materially improved our lives, we are more capable of […]

Innovating Using Cross-Functional Teams

As different departments of business become more and more integrated with each other, having efficient cross-functional teams is becoming more and more essential in business. In order to have a well-working cross functioning team, oversight in some form is needed to succeed. In fact, 80% of those team’s projects without senior support fail. What is a Cross-Functional […]

FC Connect Top 10: Week 4

Welcome to week 4, the final post of the Top 10 series, featuring sessions from FC Connect 2020. Simply scan the list and click to download the ones that interest you! Check out the list from Week 1 Check out the list from Week 2  Check out the list from Week 3 An Entrepreneur’s Journey: How to Build […]

Top Tools for Audience Response Research in Media & Entertainment

Written by: the Course5 Intelligence team  Media companies need to strategically reinvent their portfolios to get ahead of the massive changes happening across the industry. To stay competitive in this era, it is important to understand how to sustain consumer engagement and to ensure better business outcomes for future releases by analyzing audience reaction on current video […]

FC Connect Top 10: Week 3

Welcome to week 3 of the Top 10 series, featuring sessions from FC Connect 2020. Simply scan the list and click to download the ones that interest you! Check out the list from Week 1 Check out the list from Week 2  Accelerating Connected Health in Disease During Covid-19 Speaker: Virginia Owen, Director of Product Management, and Diana […]