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Agile Methods For Lean Teams

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Agile market research is the heartbeat of any lean marketing team because it allows companies to gather insights that lead to product and service improvements in real-time. Gone are the days of expensive, drawn-out market research; agile research methods are here to help brands adapt to changes in the market and the world without waiting. When businesses utilize agile research, they can incorporate customer and employee needs into products, communications, and services, leading to long-term success.

Here are the most effective agile research methods for 2021.

Agile Research Methods

Templated Surveys

What kind of lean marketing team has the time to make customized customer surveys? The answer is none. Thankfully, templated surveys take the time and hassle out of gathering feedback. Though they require some time and dedication at the beginning, templated surveys pay off in a big way down the road. When crafting templates, focus on short and concise questions that are easy to read, ensure that you have a distinct goal or purpose for your survey, and invest in surveys designed for all platforms, including mobile, to boost response rates.

Virtual Interviews

Another agile research method for lean teams is virtual interviews. Virtual interviews remove many of the barriers to entry for lean teams. Without the overhead costs associated with in-person market research and the ability to interview people in a shorter time-frame, this method is truly a win-win for teams conducting agile research on the cheap.

Virtual Focus Groups

In addition to virtual interviews, virtual focus groups are another excellent choice for gathering agile feedback. When conducting virtual interviews, select technology that all participants will have access to and consider investing in virtual focus group tools proven to help you get the most out of the experience. Fuel Cycle’s virtual focus group tools give you whiteboarding capabilities, screen sharing, prototype testing, sentiment analysis, and more.

Less Is More

Agile research needs to be easy, quick, affordable, and intuitive for research teams at the end of the day. At Fuel Cycle, we know what it takes to run a lean market research team which is why we developed our custom insights platform that is tailored to your exact needs. Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) connects you to the leading insights tools in a single platform for all your research needs. Less really is more when it comes to agile research.

Agile Research for Data-Driven Insights

In 2021, companies with lean marketing teams are longing for cost-effective ways to conduct research, stay agile, and trigger product or service improvements. As more organizations focus on data-driven insights, performance, and delivering value to customers, agile research is the name of the game. Though there are many methods to choose from, the best way to gather agile feedback is with templated surveys, virtual interviews, virtual focus groups with the best tools at your disposal.

Ensure that you incorporate customer needs and wants into products, communications, and services to quickly make effective decisions to keep customers returning for more with Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) today.

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