Time is one of the most important tools when conducting agile market research. How can marketers save this precious resource to capitalize on continuous research while it’s still current?

The solution lies with market research templates. These time-saving tools create automated processes and can reserve precious time and money for tight marketing campaigns or product launches.

Learn more about survey templates and how they play a role in agile research with this brief guide.

How to Research Markets Better with Survey Templates

Traditional insights, even from agile market research, are not customer-centric enough. In the past, separate teams using automated surveys resulted in misaligned insights captured across multiple departments.

Certain tools for agile research, such as an insights platform, offer processes that naturally accommodate automated surveys and unite all insights for a fully transparent ecosystem. Implementing templated surveys within a platform such as this opens the way for efficient brand tracking, product testing, campaign testing, and more. Processes that need improvement are more visible to everyone, making it easier to collaborate to solve them.

Solutions are far more accessible when survey templates streamline the insights produced. If you notice a gap in your market research data, you can close it that much more quickly. Accurately targeting any type of audience for the results you need is easier than ever with market research templates.

When you collect customer-centric data with automated surveys, you save time and money. Instead of revising and reviewing any ineffective surveys, you can just adjust the template for fully up-to-date survey tools for every department that uses them.

The best agile insights platforms allow for the integration of any survey templates you need, including updates for accurate data collection.

How Agile Market Research and Survey Templates Work Together

The tight turnaround for agile market research requires reliable qualitative and quantitative research tools. Automated surveys offer an overlooked solution to this problem. Regulating these surveys is merely a matter of using the right technology to keep track.

Using a continuous insights platform for quick, effective decision-making will increase your market research agility as well as the quality of your results. A reliable insights platform can quickly adopt the best insight methods, allowing you to target any audience better (e.g., customers, prospects, employees).

Better targeting increases the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. The right insights platform offers you customizability for your industry. It also gives you unique tools, like agile video, to dive deeper into customer understanding.

Where to Find Reliable Insights for Your Agile Market Research

Accessing your data from the market research should be simple. The right agile insights platform should offer easy access to the collected information and automated analysis of insights. You want a unified knowledge base to inform current and future work.

Fuel Cycle Ignition is the insights platform to meet your needs. FC Ignition stays on top of the latest changes in information and offers a streamlined platform for you to deliver products and connect with customers and employees through an optimized, automated insights platform.

You can use Ignition to incorporate automated surveys, too. The insights automation tool allows for fast action and response. It also invites non-market researchers to run their own expert research, adding to the pool of insights accessible to anyone who uses the platform. 

Conducting continuous and agile research is easier than ever with live access to automated processes for seamless integration of data. To learn more about the FC Ignition agile insights platform, check out our website or reach out to one of our experts today.