Fuel Cycle Exchange

The Marketplace for Market Research Tools

The Fuel Cycle Exchange (FCX) is the original “app store” for market research tools. It connects all of your market research tools and centralizes data in one comprehensive dashboard. Now you can analyze every insight with complete context.

Build your own unique research suite.

Market Researchers use and switch between dozens of tools daily, and centralizing data at one source is a major challenge. With FCX, you can build a custom insights suite tailored to your exact research needs.

In an increasingly saturated research market, it can take time to vet your options. Tools are always changing thanks to exciting developments in emerging fields.

We’ve done the vetting for you.

Our best-in-class research integrations, from a growing list of partners and solutions, will enable your success.

Emotional Analysis
Surveys Surveys
Analysis Analysis
Product & Pricing Predicted Markets
Prediction Markets Product & Pricing
Product & Pricing Product & Pricing
Content Testing Content Testing
Surveys Surveys
Marketing Automation Marketing Automation
Advertising Efffectiviness Advertising Effectiviness
Prediction Markets Prediction Markets
Brand Experience Brand Experience
Geolocation Geolocation
Focus Groups Focus Groups
General Population Sample General Population Sample
Rewards Rewards
Analysis Analysis
Advertising Effectiviness Advertising Effectiviness
Marketing Automation Marketing Automation
User Experience User Experience
User Experience Video Analysis
Analysis Analysis
Surveys Surveys
Enterprise Management Enterprise Management
Surveys Surveys
Content Testing Content Testing
Surveys Surveys
Emotion Analysis Emotion Analysis
Focus Groups Focus Groups
Surveys Surveys
Marketing Automation & CRM Marketing Automation & CRM
Social Listening Social Listening
Social Listening Focus Groups
UserExperience UserExperience
Virtual Shelf Testing Virtual Shelf Testing
Video Analysis Video Analysis

Make your data go farther

When you launch a study with an integrated partner solution, all the data you collect will be automatically funneled back into Fuel Cycle as one unified data layer.

Break down data silos

Fuel Cycle Exchange has a solution for every industry, company, team, and role. Now you can streamline all your workflows in one research platform and democratize insights with bi-directional data syncing.

Customize your research toolkit

A world of actionable intelligence is waiting. Take your research to the next level.