When it comes to launching a new retail product, customer research goes a long way in ensuring that your release is successful. Capturing your target market’s feedback and insights with agile research methods will help you make tweaks to your product before it hits the shelves. One of the best ways to capture feedback in real-time is with templated surveys. Templated surveys allow you to get the data you need quickly and affordably with the ability to change survey questions at any time.

Retail customer feedback is crucial to making product improvements your customers will love, but how exactly do you go about capturing that feedback efficiently? Templated retail customer surveys allow you to take part in agile market research without a hefty price tag. Read how to get started below.

Designing Your Templated Surveys

Keep It Simple

Retail customers don’t want to spend hours on a survey, especially if there is no incentive to do so. Try to keep surveys short and straightforward to get a good participation rate. Make the survey easy to read and intuitive for users using a clean layout, avoiding jargon or over-complicated language, and keeping time to complete under five minutes.

Customize By Goal

Every templated survey you have should have a clear and defined goal. You should avoid pulling the users’ minds in too many different directions. Do you want to know if customers think your prices reflect your value? Or perhaps you would like to discover how your customers feel about your website, customer service, or return policy. By focusing your survey on one goal, you can get a clearer sense of customer opinion on each segment of your business.

Optimize For Mobile

These days, most customers use their cell phones to do just about everything from checking social media to filling out forms, or in this case, surveys. Using a platform built for mobile will ensure that your agile market research methods are accessible to everyone at any time.

Agile Research Methods

Agile market research allows companies to collect data to incorporate customer and employee needs into products, communications, and services. By understanding exactly what your audience wants and needs with agile research methods like templated surveys, you can quickly make decisions that will lead to long-term success.

If you want to have a successful retail customer survey, you need to keep things simple, targeted, and optimized. Templated survey questions should be short and sweet, easy to read, and even easier to answer for your target market. Additionally, each survey should have a distinct goal or purpose for richer insights that can be used to improve products and processes within your business. Lastly, surveys must be designed for all platforms, including mobile, to boost response rates.

Create Your Own Templated Surveys

Fuel Cycle is here to help you stay connected to the people that matter most with templated surveys. We have a wide range of tools for the modern marketing team to gather insights with our agile insights platform and continuous research tools.

Before creating your own templated surveys, be sure to check out our introduction to agile qualitative research to see how these surveys play a larger role in your overall retail strategy.