Market research cloud leader makes it easier for businesses researchers to test digital products pre- and post-launch

SANTA MONICA, Calif. – August 30, 2022 – Fuel Cycle Inc., the leading market research cloud for Fortune 500 companies, today announced a new set of applications for evaluating digital experiences, including pre-production prototypes developed in Figma or Adobe XD, as well as a solution for testing currently published websites.These methodologies, which are part of Fuel Cycle’s Ignition research automation suite, augment Fuel Cycle’s extensive offering of solutions purpose-built for digital product development. 

Businesses face growing challenges to deliver exceptional digital experiences to customers and prospects. According to consulting firm Appnovation, 84% of US consumers expect businesses to deliver new digital experiences during 2022. Concurrently, competition for development resources is increasing, as PWC reports that 60% of C-suite executives believe digital transformation is their top priority. The confluence of high expectations from users and talent shortage in software development means it’s more important than ever to get digital products right before they are launched. 

“There is a massive effort underway to employ user research prior to a single line of code being written,” said Rick Kelly, CPO of Fuel Cycle. “Users require great digital experiences, and the rising costs of software development means businesses must get products right before they ship them to users. Fuel Cycle’s expanded suite of user research solutions enables our customers to improve products they’re delivering to the market.”

The new testing methodologies complement Fuel Cycle’s existing digital research solutions, including: 

  • Continuous Product Testing: For companies that want to continuously evaluate hardware and software, Fuel Cycle’s Delta Testing helps clients constantly identify user-generated product improvements for bugs, feedback and improvements. 
  • Remove Barriers to Value: For companies that want to grow their user base, Fuel Cycle’s Customer Journey Tracker can be used to analyze user journeys to identify critical moments for retention. 
  • Website Benchmarking: For companies that are preparing for major website launches or are constantly updating their webpages, Fuel Cycle’s automated System Usability Scale methodology can benchmark user experience pre- and post-release.

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