What we’re chatting about over s’mores: 

  • GreenBook’s annual GRIT survey is back! This 15-minute undertaking is totally worth it. All of our participation is what makes it possible to create the most actionable strategic guide in insights. And if you feel so inclined, we’d greatly appreciate of a mention of Fuel Cycle for the prestigious ‘Top 50 Most Innovative Suppliers’ list. You can take the survey here. 
  • In a nod to nostalgia, Space Jam released a new trailer 25 years after the original. But what has people talking is the original website that debuted in 1996. You can still view the website here, and Rolling Stones did a long form piece on it: ‘Space Jam’ Forever: The Website That Wouldn’t Die
  • Since we’re headquartered in Los Angeles, we have been following UCLA’s fairy tale run to the NCAA Final Four. While they didn’t make it past Gonzaga, the close game produced some magic moments like the final point in overtime, here
  • If you love great data visualizations, Reuters produced this informative and engaging piece on the 2008 Financial Crisis that won a Kanter the “Information is Beautiful” award in 2019. You can see it here.  


Industry Tea 

  • This week, Qualtrics and ServiceNow announced a new partnership to integrate sentiment data captured using surveys. The goal is to create a feedback loop within workflows that enable organizations to better optimize their practices over time. Here’s the article on VentureBeat. 
  • AAPI and SurveyMonkey released a new reporting on the rise of AAPI hate crimes. The joint survey finds that individuals within the AAPI community experience hate crimes or hate incidents higher than the national average. Here’s the announcement from SurveyMonkey. 
  • Kantar and Ipsos have announced a partnership to tackle audience research by creating the “world’s first true cross-media total audience measurement solution.” Here’s the article on MrWeb. 


Fuel Cycle Innovation 

  • Announcing new P2 Engine capabilities! Fuel Cycle users can now enable an FTP push of P2 Engine data to better sync community data points to other sources. Please contact your account manager to have them enable this feature for you.  
  • Bringing the voice of your customers to life. Recently, our CPO, Rick Kelly, spoke at TMRE about the importance of having a diverse audience and how Live helps to enable that vision. You can watch the full video here
  • Not an innovation, rather, a celebration! We’re proud to share that Comparably has honored Fuel Cycle with its 2021 Best Company Outlook award. Check it out! 


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